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Kathy & I met online in 2013. We hit it off right away and continued to grow our relationship. We got married in 2015 and bought our home in 2016. After trying unsuccessfully to have a biological child we have decided to adopt. Being parents is a dream of ours and no matter how it may happen what really matters is we are ready to provide an unconditional loving, stable home. We also want an open adoption and have love for the woman or family who chooses us to parent their child.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in the nice town of Penfield NY. We own a 3 bedroom 2 bath home. It has a beautiful backyard that we love to spend time and entertain in

Mark Reynolds

adoptive family photo - Mark Reynolds I believe being a good man and husband are very important in life. If I can achieve these 2 things I would consider myself to be successful
If becoming a father is something that happens that would make me very happy. I’d love to teach and grow a child into a great person. Share whatever knowledge I can, run to all their games, recitals anything they want. I would do so with great joy, even if I didn’t really want to that night. I was lucky enough to have parents that did that for me and I know the joy it brought me. Even though I didn’t appreciate til I was older I know how important that truly is. I also enjoy to make people laugh and I’m already equipped with dad jokes. Kathy would be glad to have someone else to listen to them

Katherine Reynolds

adoptive family photo - Katherine Reynolds I believe that I am a person that is always there for others. My parents were always there for me every step of the way in life. They taught me to be honest and always reach for my goals. They provided me with love and support daily which I plan to do with a child. I want to be loving and supportive as a mother no matter what and raise a child to be kind and accepting of others. I also feel that I have chose a wonderful partner in life and together we can provide unconditional love and support for a child. Mark and I have had ups and downs in life but we are a partnership and have respect for our marriage and can over come anything.

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Kathy & Mark

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Kathy & Mark