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Christine and Luke

We have built our family on love, security and lots of silliness.


We are the Elliott-Negri family, Christine, Luke, Samaya (5), Eli (3) & Canarsie the cat (10). Thanks so much for the opportunity to share a bit about our family. We wish you well as you decide what feels right for you and your child. Each member of our family is excited to be on the adoption journey, and we welcome the chance to build a relationship with you at whatever level you feel comfortable.

We are trying to raise children who retain the best parts of childhood as they grow: wonder, curiosity, silliness, and easy laughter. Daily, we attempt to cultivate empathy in our children, for each other and us, but also for the new friends they make and the strangers they meet. We want our children to be self-confident and grounded, to trust themselves. We hope that as they grow into adulthood, they try to do good in the world they encounter.

We embrace the chance to learn about you, your hopes and dreams for your child, to share photos and updates, and to visit with you. We will meet you at your comfort level when it comes to how open you want to be. We promise that your child will know where they come from and we will speak about you with love and respect. We wish you peace and strength, now and always!

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Who We Are

We first met in 2002 at a tiny rally opposing the war in Iraq. On the surface, we connected through quirky books and movies but underneath we had an immediate love for each other that we’ve nurtured for 20 years. We’ve held each other’s hands through highs and lows, including countless moments of joy with our children, preceded by two very complicated pregnancies. Both the highs and the lows have reaffirmed our desire to grow our family.

Adoption Diary

COVID finally got to us

Well, after almost three years of dodging it, COVID finally made its way into our home. It’s a nasty virus, but the silver lining is taking in all the love from friends and family. We’ve had toys and soup and eggplant on our doorstep, trips to the pharmacy for medicine, and dozens calls and texts of concern. Another week of hunkering down, and we’ll be back in the mix!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Christine and Luke

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Christine and Luke