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Dear you,

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us as you consider adoption for your child. We are honored to be part of your process.

Through this journey, we hope that you are met with love, compassion, and respect. Our goal is to understand your wants and desires for your child if you choose us as parents. Together, we hope to create beauty for your child, and for you to feel confident knowing that your child is safe and loved.

While we don't know you yet, we are already thinking of you and sending you so much love.

With love from
Jess & Adam

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Who We Are

We met in 2015 on It was apparent very quickly that this was something special, and within two months we moved in! Life felt easy, natural, and we realized that we had never been happier. All of the pieces clicked into place and, after realizing this was the "it" we had both been searching for, we got engaged in early 2016 and started planning our happily ever after together. We were married in early 2017 and life together became sweeter. Our laughs came even more frequently and our love for one another grew even stronger.

Adoption Diary

First Day of School

It happened. Our Bug went to school! This week she started pre-kindergarten. There were lots of feelings about it, and we were so happy to experience it as a family.

Bug was able to meet her teacher a week before school. At that time we dropped off all of her new school supplies. While there, Bug explored her new classroom and Jess and Adam got to sit with her teacher. This experience helped Bug to feel excited about what was to come.

To prepare for school life, Jess and Lily started sitting at night together practicing tracing her letters. Bug’s focus and effort in the task has been so impressive. We do one page a day and are making our way through the alphabet.

The night before Bug’s first day we picked out her special first day outfit and laid it out. She and Adam previously went shopping and got new shoes together so she laid those out with her clothes.

We are so fortunate to live close to Bug’s school. In the morning, after a good breakfast, we walked to her school. On the way, Bug said “I’m nervous and excited.” We both gave her big hugs and told her that it’s very normal to feel that way, and it just means that she’s about to start something wonderful.

At the school, her teacher welcomed the kids into class one by one. There were kisses, hugs, and no tears! Bug walked herself right in and didn’t look back. Jess turned around and DEFINITELY cried, but all happy tears for her girl to be on this new adventure.

After school Jess was there to pick Bug up. She came running out with a big smile on her face and jumped into Jess’s arms for a hug. On the walk home she told Jess all about her new class, new teacher, and new friends. We all know this is going to be a great year filled with wonderful experiences for her!

We’d love to tell you more and see what dreams you have for your child’s first day of school. We’re already thinking of you and sending you so much love.

Here’s to happily ever after.

Summer Sunshine

Where did summer go? We feel like we blinked and summer just flew by.

Last week Bug was sick with a stomach virus, so there was lots of time inside. We had snuggles, movie marathons, and lots of TLC from mommy and daddy. By the weekend, we were all a bit stir crazy being inside. Luckily Bug was feeling better so we decided to dust off the cobwebs and get ourselves out in the sunshine! This weekend we decided to make the most of what summer is left to us and spent it outside.

Saturday we took to the trails near our home and went for a long bike ride. Bug and Adam both brought their binoculars and had a great time exploring. We’d ride our bike for a bit and then they’d stop and explore. It was a nice shady trail and the fresh air was so invigorating!

Sunday Bug had one request- she wanted to go to the pool. Our town pool is amazing! It’s right on the Great South Bay, so we’ve got the pool, the sand, the sea, and a fantastic playground right on the water. Our day was filled with time running back and forth between the pool to the sand. Bug made a new friend of the same age, and had a blast laughing, jumping in, and learning to swim. We spend most of the day in this beautiful spot. Moments like these make us so grateful.

We can’t wait to have a new family member to share in these memories.

While we don’t know you yet, but we’re thinking of you and sending you love, caring, and support on your journey. We can’t wait to meet you.

Here’s to happily ever after.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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