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Bye, bye ✌❄️

The snow is almost gone! I love the snow, but I’m ready for a new season. The days are getting longer and the sun ☀️ is shining. I had to go to my parents to check on something for them while they are away, so I decided to get some fresh air and walk over. It was a beautiful night. The air is still cool hence the winter hat, but it felt so good to feel spring in the air. Read more »

Hello Spring

I just love fresh flowers! When I’m down near Trader Joe’s I always pick up some flowers. -Sarah Read more »

Weekend Fun

We took our nieces ice fishing at camp this weekend after a snowstorm. We had so much fun putting in fishing traps, snowmobiling around the lake, making a snowman and sledding. It was a beautiful day on the lake. Read more »

Girls Spa Day

What else would we be doing on school vacation week?!? Getting our nails done in mermaid colors of course! Read more »

Ice fishing at Camp

Spent all day Sunday ice fishing at camp. The weather was beautiful, but we didn’t get lucky enough to catch any fish. We did get to hangout with Adam’s brother, sister-in-law and nieces. Read more »

Homeroom Class Door Decorating Contest

The week before vacation my school does a homeroom door decorating contest. This years theme had to be Disney or Pixar inspired. My friend and teacher next door did not have a Homeroom, so my students decided we were going to do both doors. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the chosen theme for my homeroom voted on by my Read more »

Switzerland Sister Trip

Took an extended weekend to visit the beautiful country of Switzerland with two of my sisters. We had so much fun exploring Zurich, Interlaken, and Lucern. We packed a lot into a few days and so glad we did. Now back to reality and dealing with the time change. Read more »

Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Adam’s step-father’s birthday with family the other night. Adam’s mother is big on birthday celebrations. This cake was absolutely delicious- chocolate w/PB frosting Read more »

Go 49ers!!!!

Someone was a little stressed during the 49ers playoff game. I even wore red and gold to support them! -Sarah 49ers didn’t come through with the win- someone is a little quiet tonight. Read more »

3D printed Tiny Home Tour

My brother-in-law gave my family a tour of the first 3D printed tiny home. This tiny home was beautiful and it is phenomenal how far technology has come. My brother-in-law and sister work for the University where the house was printed. Read more »

Hoping for more Ice

This photo was taken last year around this time. The girls had so much fun and are looking forward to going again this year. We have had a mild winter so far, which I’m not complaining. I would like more ice to form down at camp, so we can create more ice fishing memories with family. -Sarah Read more »

Hoping for more Ice

We have had a mild winter so far, which I’m not complaining. I would like more ice to form down at camp, so we can create more ice fishing memories with family. Read more »

Adventures at Camp

Adam went north with his friend and our neighbor, Derek. They had a lot of fun snowmobiling, ice fishing and being in nature. They even saw coyotes chasing deer out into the ice. Read more »

Winter ❄️ Walk

Went for a 2- mile walk this morning with my parents. It was chilly, windy and snowy, but it was nice to get some fresh air. This winter’s weather has been so strange. We have no snow and we have had pretty mild temperatures. Glad I was a able to get outdoors and walk with my parents. Read more »

Celebrating a Dear Friend

Adam and I headed to Boston for the evening to celebrate Adam’s childhood friend’s birthday. We drove to Portland and jumped on the Amtrak to head into Bean Town for the evening. We are heading back to Portland on the Amtrak now. It’s always fun to do something unplanned and with friends! Read more »

New haircut, New cause

Sarah chopped her long locks off and donated her hair to a non-profit organizing called Children with Hair Loss. After I grow out my hair, I cut it and donate it to an organization , so others can benefit from my thick, curly hair.  -Sarah Read more »

Precious niece time

We have lots of nieces and nephews. Adam adores them and these two cuties adore Uncle Adam too! Just snuggling Uncle Adam when he got home from work. Read more »

Our Baylee Girl

We have been a year without our Baylee girl. We miss her everyday. She was our fur-baby and definitely a little spoiled. We look forward to getting another dog in the future. Read more »

Christmas Day

The past two days have been filled with lots of family, food and laughter. Christmas is my favorite time of year because it’s a time we spend with family and remember how lucky we are to have three wonderful families. We spent Christmas Eve with my family at my parents house before heading over to my Nana’s to celebrate Read more »

Festive Sweater Day at School

Yesterday, we had festive sweater day at school. I am so fortunate and thankful to live across from my grandmother who has tons of them. She let me borrow the sweater vest and long sleeve button up shirt. Read more »

Gingerbread House Competition

2nd Annual gingerbread competition with family. We got together at my sisters house for dinner and to create/build our gingerbread houses. My oldest sister and husband joined in via zoom from Colorado. We had another fun family get together.      - Sarah Read more »

Monday Morning Workout

Oh Monday, you are here again. I started my day off with a workout this morning to get my day started off on a positive note! I have learned over this past year, a morning workout jump starts my day and mood! Read more »

The first Snow ❄️ storm this winter

This weekend we got our first snowfall of this winter. Although it didn’t amount to as much as predicted, we still got a few inches. Adam worked hard this morning snow blowing our two driveways before he went across the street to do my nana’s and went a couple streets over to do my parents. Read more »

Wreath Making

I am not the most crafty person, but I am working on trying new things outside my comfort zone. When one of my good friends asked if I wanted to go to a wreath making class I said yes. We had so much fun and I love my wreath. Adam hung it on our garage. Read more »

Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Adam last night with a little get together at a local eatery. Adam was surprised and enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. Read more »

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