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Our profile is live- on Thanksgiving Day!

I (Tessa) am sitting here typing this surrounded by family as they trickle in from out of state. It is quiet right now, everyone resting from their drives. We will officially be celebrating tomorrow when everyone gets here. Hudson and I just prepped the mac-n-cheese and sweet potato casserole. Typically I do most of the cooking in our everyday lives, but Hudson has been trying to learn how to cook more. I definitely have a control issue in that I know how to get it done, so I’d just prefer to do the cooking myself! But this week I had a cold and felt too under the weather to cook, so he has been cooking our dinners every night and I have to admit, he’s been doing a good job!

Today I am so thankful for him, my family, and being surrounded by positive energy and love.

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Tessa and Hudson

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Tessa and Hudson