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This past weekend was a busy one!

Both Friday and Saturday night we went to a Cornell Hockey game. Friday was against Harvard and Saturday was against Dartmouth. Growing up Tessa, her brother James, and dad John would always go to hockey games. Now that everyone is out of the house we don’t have as many opportunities to do family things like that, but Tessa knew how much her dad loves going to hockey games (and especially the Harvard game because that is their biggest rival!) so she was happy to get tickets for Hudson, her, Karen (Tessa’s mom) Read more »

Reminiscing on this summer day

We couldn’t believe how beautiful this night was. It had just rained and an absolutely gorgeous rainbow formed over our vegetable garden. You can’t see it in the picture but it was actually a double rainbow. Having two active dogs we spend a lot of time outside and love have acres of land to explore. We used to Read more »

Our profile is live- on Thanksgiving Day!

I (Tessa) am sitting here typing this surrounded by family as they trickle in from out of state. It is quiet right now, everyone resting from their drives. We will officially be celebrating tomorrow when everyone gets here. Hudson and I just prepped the mac-n-cheese and sweet potato casserole. Thanksgiving is usually either Read more »

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Tessa and Hudson

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Tessa and Hudson