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Happily partnered, long-time couple from Long Island, New York open to all genders and ethnicities

Hey mama, we are Vinny and Mike. Happy to meet you. We are a happily partnered, long-time couple from New York open to all genders and ethnicities. We are ready to start our family. We live in a safe, quiet suburb of Long Island with a great school system, local beaches and parks, all ready for our little one to enjoy. We have a great support system built up of two big families and a great bunch of long-time friends ready to join our adoption and parenting journey. Together we have many interests like cooking, reading, education, music, dancing, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and more! We have such great resources to care for a child. We will raise our child to be whoever they want to grow up to be, and support them 100% of the way. We can't wait to show them our traditions of pumpkin & apple picking during the fall, relaxing at the local beach or swimming in our pool during the summer, getting cozy watching movies on the couch during winter, and starting our yearly garden during the spring! We cannot wait to welcome a child into our lives to help our family traditions continue and grow.

We have always wanted to start a family of our own, having watched and helped our friends and family start and raise their own children. We build our house up to be a home with some fur babies and we are all ready to welcome a child. Together, we cannot wait to love and care for a child.

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Who We Are

We met 13 years ago and have spent our entire adult lives together. We went to school together, traveled together and spent a lot of time with our families over the years. We are so excited to get to share our experiences with a child of our own. Over the years, we have spent a lot of time traveling to Mike's family home in Puerto Rico and to Vinny's family home in Florida. We hope to continue these traditions with our little one, or possibly little ones, as we grow our family.

We both work in the healthcare field here in New York and have been working in healthcare for the entire time that we have known each other. We have such great resources to care for a child, if we ever need them. We both have nieces and nephews who we love, care for and have watched them grow. They are so excited to get a new cousin! We will play games, travel, have birthday and holiday parties, learn together, and make the most amazing memories. 

We both like to either spend time at home together playing games, watching movies or swimming in our pool. We also like to hang out with friends/family out at events, dinner or even travel and go on trips together. We surround ourselves with friends who are caring, energetic and fun! We have great support systems who cannot wait to love our child just like they love us. Both of our family and our friends are so excited to welcome a child into our lives! They will love them with all of their hearts!

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Getting our nursery ready!

Hi! We haven’t posted in some time. We have been getting our nursery ready. We haven’t matched with an expecting mom yet but, we are hopeful that it will come soon. We have been getting some stuff ready for when the time comes. Once we get that call, we are ready! We have everything we need to bring a little one home. From the crib and bed set, to diapers and wash cloths..we are ready! Our family is so excited for this journey we are on. We cannot wait to be dads!

We are Vinny and Mike from Long Island, New York. We are long time life partners who are ready to welcome a child to our family. We are hoping to adopt. Through private adoption. Open to any race, gender and background. We would love to get to speak with you!

Home study approved and certified to adopt! If you or someone you know is looking into adoption, please contact us!

P: 631-716-5273

Holiday Prep at Vinny and Mike’s House

Vinny and Mike love the Holiday season. Not for the gifts or extravagant decorations, but for the quality time we get to spend together. This year we are hoping to meet with an expecting mom who is looking to place with us. We have a humble home that is quaint and ready for a child. We have begun to start putting the nursery together, filling the room with newborn and infant clothing and necessities. Here today, we hung the Holiday lights, put the tree up and put some stockings on the TV fireplace (one for Vinny and Mike, and also included our 2 dogs and kitten, Archie, Chloe and Oliver!) This year we plan to see a bunch of family to continue making Holiday memories. Similar to Thanksgiving, we both have Holiday dinner traditions of eating and talking together. After dinner comes the best part, games!

Hoping to connect with someone to learn more about their traditions and share our story too!

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.



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