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Trusting the New Year

Jessa here. :) I always take some time to reflect as the year comes to a close. Our family has been on a wild journey trying to add a baby to our family. I remember so confidently thinking this time last year “by this time next year we will for sure be a family of four.” It felt like we had already been on our journey for Read more »


For his entire life, the kiddo has loved exploring how paint feels on his body. When he was little he used to “wash his hands” with paint.  This year he is painting our wrapping paper for Christmas gifts (we love adding personal touches to things), and he had the time of his life laying down on the rolled out Read more »

Glimpse Into Our Parenting Style

Keaton and I put a lot of effort into making sure we are parenting in a mindful, fun, nurturing environment. Right now we are reading The Whole-Brain Child to help us navigate some bumpy waters that come with being 3. It’s been so helpful! It even has a section at the end of each chapter for the kids to learn the concepts Read more »


Busy weekend for us! Taking a break from Jessa’s show (it’s performance week for the high school show I choreographed) to make pies with Keaton’s family! Well, everyone else made pies while Jessa and the kiddo swam in Grandma’s pool. Read more »

Thrifting day!

It’s important to us to reduce waste and give our son open-ended toys made from natural or recycled materials. We hit the jackpot today at our local thrift shop! Got all of these treasures for $20! As you can see, the kiddo could hardly wait to get playing. Read more »

The Kiddo Can’t Wait.

The kiddo is so excited to be a big brother! He drew this picture of a big brother and baby fish to give to baby once they’re home with us. Read more »

Birth Parents Matter!

Real talk: as a birthing parent you are so important to us!!! We have obviously never had an unplanned pregnancy (but that would be crazy, right?!), but we can imagine it comes with a lot of potential guilt and judgment. That feels unfair. We know we can’t change that everywhere, but we wanted you to know that isn’t the Read more »

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