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Jessa and Keaton

We are good at many things. Making babies without outside help is not one of them.

Hello! We are Keaton (glasses) and Jessa. We, like many couples hoping to adopt, turned to adoption after over a year of trying to conceive on our own. We thought it might be unexplained infertility, but when we brought it up with our doc she said it was easily explained. Apparently lesbians can’t just do it on their own like so many other couples.⁉️ Truly, we have always considered adoption for our family, and now is the right time! Keaton carried our donor conceived son who’s now 3. We will just refer to him as the kiddo on here, for his privacy. We really did go the donor-conceived route again, for over a year, but we hit road block after road block and it never felt truly like the right path this time around. Since we have made the transition to focusing on adoption things have been flying, and we are loving it! We can’t fully understand the pain choosing adoption creates, but we do understand the pain of child-related things not going according to your original plan. We are eager to find a new plan with a birthing family that feels like a good fit for everyone. We are eagerly waiting for your message, and are prepared to handle immediate placement. This is something we have been waiting a long time for, but promise to wait a full 7 minutes before responding as to not freak you out. ❤️

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Who We Are

Hi! We are Jessa (baseball cap) and Keaton. This November we will have been together for “just shy of half of two decades.” We’re major New Girl fans (obviously), and for real will celebrate being together for 9 years this November. Which means we like each other quite a lot (even after an almost year-long Covid quarantine), and we started dating before online dating really took off. Finding a match feels similar, and also like we don't know what we are doing.

We are college sweethearts who started dating after one of our professors, and Jessa's close family friend straight up asked Keaton if Jessa could have her phone number (after watching Jessa chicken out time and time again for weeks). We were both studying Musical Theatre at the time, and went on our first date on a Sunday, the closing day of Keaton's show. We liked each other so much we went on a date every day that week, and then just kept dating forever.

We got engaged in Central Park, NY, in 2015, and were married in the theatre we met in, in 2016. We rescued our dog a few months later, and the kiddo was born in 2019. With each passing year our relationship gets stronger and even more enjoyable, and we were pretty head over heels in love when we first started dating. We genuinely enjoy spending time together, and are so excited to grow our family. Hopefully with your help.

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Glimpse Into Our Parenting Style

Keaton and I put a lot of effort into making sure we are parenting in a mindful, fun, nurturing environment. Right now we are reading The Whole-Brain Child to help us navigate some bumpy waters that come with being 3. It’s been so helpful! It even has a section at the end of each chapter for the kids to learn the concepts themselves. Today for homeschool we learned about the left and right hemispheres of the brain and how we can use them to process our emotions. We made a brain hat and decorated the right side with feelings stickers and the left with words. It was fun!!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We have spent the weekend doing Christmas prep and it’s been a blast! One of the traditions in our family is to take Christmas pics of the kiddo every year. We have one from each year framed and it’s so fun to watch him grow up Christmas by Christmas. This is a tradition Jessa’s mom did for her and her brother growing up and one of her favorite parts of decorating each year was getting out the photos and lining them up chronologically. This year Keaton dressed up as Santa and we got so many magical pics of the kiddo playing with, reading with, and sharing cookies with Santa. We just picked up the prints and they turned out even more magical than we hoped they would!!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jessa and Keaton

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Jessa and Keaton