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It’s completely unknown to us how we did not meet before we ‘actually’ met but we are certain we have been in the same places at the same times throughout our lives. From little crazy coincidences (Nick's best friend & Mari going to the same highschool) to shared experiences (camping at Lake George in the summer as children) there is little doubt in our minds that we were always on a path to be with one another.

We met through a friend on an extremely hot New York summer night at a running event, where Nick was the pro and I was a beginner but we managed to have the time of our lives, an electric night that left us connected till present day.

We didn’t process what was happening right away but little by little we fell in love and realized how similar we are to each other. A love for a large family, lots of friends, the beach and the mountains, long car trips, salsa dancing, Broadway shows, running and most understanding that he loves watching football and his understanding I love watching Hallmark movies.

Now here we are, 8 years later, married and wanting so much to start a family. We have so many in our lives cheering us on and supporting us, knowing how much love and joy we have to share with a child. We are so grateful and excited for this privilege.

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Mari & Nick

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Mari & Nick