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Our Story

We were both born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN. Kyle is a year older than Cari so we didn’t really know each other until we were in Show Choir together- Kyle was a senior, Cari a Junior. We started dating in 2009 and have been together ever since! We got married on July 25, 2015 at Cari’s childhood church. Looking back over our almost 13 years together, we’ve been through so much: college in separate cities, Kyle’s medical school and residency, and two children!

Why Adoption?
We began discussing adoption early in our dating relationship. It was always a “someday we would love to” kind of conversation. As time passed and we progressed along our career paths and became parents to Cash and Cami, we found the desire to grow our family through adoption never faded. Our church has a strong adoption community and we often hear stories from families who have adopted. Through listening to these families, our own self reflection, and prayer, we came to the conclusion that adoption is a path we were meant to pursue. We absolutely love being parents. The joy our kids bring us is hard to explain. With having biological children comes a level of understanding for what an expectant mother may be feeling or might feel someday. It is this understanding that has motivated us to learn about adoption from all angles so we are equipped to support our future child as they become who they are meant to be. We don’t come to adoption out of infertility. Pregnancy was not easy for Cari, but we were blessed to be able to have children biologically. We ultimately decided to pursue adoption because we feel our hearts, home, children, and extended families have the qualities needed to welcome an adopted child (with whatever level of openness is agreed upon) as our own. We also know our hearts are ready to embrace a birth mother, father, and their families. Adoption will never be a topic that we shy away from and we are coming to adoption with eyes wide open. There will be challenges, and in those times we are prepared to lean on others who have walked this path before us. Our adoption agency does a wonderful job at post adoption support for adoptive families AND birth mothers.

Parenting: When we have to correct or discipline one of our kids, we approach with love and patience. Our kids thrive off of being reasoned with and need to hear why they can’t do something instead of just hearing “no.” We work to redirect when they are doing something they shouldn’t, and we listen to understand why they are sad or grumpy and help them work through their feelings. We love unconditionally in this family.

Church: We strive to attend church weekly, whether it be online or in person. Our church has a wonderful kids program and a strong adoption community.

Finances: We are fortunate to be financially stable. We have systems in place to help us invest, plan for our kids' futures, and our future retirement.

School: We live in the same school district that we grew up going to, so we know it well! The schools are highly rated academically and have a reputation for a great overall student culture.

Child care: Cari’s work schedule allows her to care for the children full time. When we do need child care, our parents or the kids' aunts and uncles love spending time with them!

Our Promises to You:
1. Your child will know that The Lord chose them and they have a beautiful purpose in this world.

2. Your child will know how much you love them.

3. Your child will know their heritage and we will embrace their cultural background.

4. While we are comfortable with an open adoption, we will respect your wishes in regards to openness and communication in our relationship.

5. We will love your child unconditionally. Forever.

6. Your child will have support and love from their extended family.

7. Our home will always be filled with laughter and music.

8. We will be a safe place for our children to talk about their hopes, dreams, worries, and fears.

Cash and Cami:
Our children are 2.5. years apart. Cash was born in August of 2017 and Cami was born in January of 2020.
Seeing Cash as a big brother to Cami has been the most fun thing to watch.They have the funniest little conversations. They love playing together (most of the time!) They have big hearts and enjoy making friends wherever they go. We are beyond excited to see Cash and Cami with their new sibling! We know they will be the most encouraging and loving big brother and sister. Siblings are like built-in friends, and we know they will love and accept their new sibling.

Kyle's Family (Written by Kyle):
My parents have been my biggest inspiration and role models for how to care for others and be a great parent. Cash and Cami absolutely love the time they get to spend with "Gigi and Papi", which is pretty often considering they live about 2 minutes walking distance from our house! My mom is the most caring and selfless person I know, and my Dad is a hard worker who helps people with their finances for a living. Honestly I couldn't have asked for a better set of parents. We love to travel and vacation together multiple times every year.

Cari's Family (Written by Cari):
My parents are my biggest examples of love and strength. I'm the middle child of 3. My older brother (Tyler) and his wife (Brooke) live a few minutes down the road. My younger sister (Ashley) and her husband (Riley) live in Indianapolis, but we see them often! My mom is my best friend and my dad is the most caring person I know. When we all get together (or even just in our family group text) there is always lots of laughter and inside jokes being thrown around.

One big family!
Our families enjoy spending time all together! We do holidays, birthdays, and even trips together! They are excited for our family to be growing and have been so supportive of our adoption journey.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We bought our current home in 2020. It has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a large basement where we spend most of our time playing, watching movies, and being creative. Our yard is fenced which is great for our rescued Great Pyrenees, Zeus, who loves to run.
We live in the neighborhood Kyle grew up in, right across a pond from his childhood home...where his parents still live! It is such a blessing having family close by.
We have a neighborhood playground that we visit often and it backs up to the largest trail system in our city!
Please check our "Home" album for more photos of our house.


adoptive family photo - Kyle I am in my 5th year of practice as a family medicine physician, having finished my 3 year residency in 2021. I love my job and the impact I can have in helping others, but when I think of myself and who I am, I think of my family first. I love to play games, watch sports, pursue creative endeavors, and spend lots of time with my family.

Kyle as a dad (written by Cari):
I always knew Kyle would be an amazing dad. He is fun, funny, and up for anything. Kyle is a born entertainer and his humor and creativity light up our home. He is hands on and loves playing with our kids! We are blessed by his profession as a family practice physician. If any illnesses or concerns come up with the kids, he knows exactly what to do (and how to keep me calm!) When it comes to parenting, we are a great 50/50 split. He knows our kids as well as I do, and I trust him and his parenting 100%.


adoptive family photo - Cari I have been a realtor for 6 years. It's a career that combines my passion for people, families, numbers, and negotiation. My job allows me the flexibility to stay home with the kids. I hope our children see me following my professional dreams and it inspires them to do the same. My dad always told me to “do something you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” I love being a Realtor, but being a mom will always be my number one job.

Cari as a mom (written by Kyle):
Cari is the love of my life and an incredible mother. I love seeing the amount of fun she has with the kids, and how she is always putting them first. At the end of my work days I get to come home and hear from the kids about all the things they have done during the day, and how much they love spending time with Mama. Cari also works as a Realtor, which is great because she gets to work mostly from home, and rarely has to give up quality time with the kids for her job. I have been blessed to have her as my wife, and our family has been blessed with such a caring/kind/fun-loving mother.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.



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