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As we wait for a match, we can’t help but be excited. We like to dream about everything we will do with our child and the adventures we show them. We are big on travel and experiences. We know the wait may be long, but we also know it will be absolutely worth it. Read more »

Holiday events

The holidays are always a special time. We love spending time with our family and friends and getting in the spirit of the holidays. We have a friends holiday party every year. We get together cook food and play board games! We spend Christmas with both of our families. Jenna’s family like to make homemade cookies together Read more »


We had a wonderful thanksgiving at Josh’s parents house! They always have a traditional thanksgiving meal and it’s delicious. We spent time watching football and playing family games. Read more »

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas is our favorite holiday! As a child my mom always had the house decorated and made it feel so cozy and special. We always go full out decorating! We want our children to be excited when they see the house decorated. Read more »


We absolutely love talking to our nieces every single day! They are so cute and always say the funniest things. Their favorite thing is to show us what toy they are playing with and ask us to come play with them. We can’t wait for our child to get to play with their cousins! Read more »

Go Tarheels!!

Unfortunately my one sister could not make it to a girls weekend, but we had a blast at the UNC game! We went out to dinner before and got Dippin Dots at the game. We had an absolutely blast. It was extra special because my sisters partners were able to join us at the game. They are awesome guys who would be the best Read more »

Girls trip!

My mom and I are in NC visiting two of my sisters. Family is so important to us, so we like to see each other as often as possible! Read more »


As we have said before, we want to show our children the world. We love to travel all different places and we plan on doing the same with our children. Showing children the world makes them a more inclusive person. We would also like to show them different cultures and heritages. Read more »

Children Activities

We want to give our children the world and show them everything we can. We plan on doing mommy and me classes, soccer shots, art classes, and whatever else we can show them. We will never force our children into doing something that they don’t like, but they should at least try it once. Whatever they are into we will find Read more »


As we stated before, we think education is so important! When we were looking to buy our current house, the first thing we did was check out the school district. We also checked out private options near us. We were looking for programs the schools offered, graduation rates, college acceptance rates, and extracurricular Read more »

Fairy lights

I wanted to add something special to the fire pit. Something that would make it feel extra cozy when you’re wrapped in a blanket with hot chocolate. I added fairy lights around the base of the pit. I think it gives off just enough of a cozy vibe! Read more »

We Are…Penn State

My parents are season ticket holders for Penn State Football. My dad, mom, cousins, and myself graduated from Penn State University. We are huge fans and go to games whenever we can. Tailgating on Saturdays with the family is so much fun. I can’t wait until we can take our child with us to the games and tailgate with Read more »

Trick or treat!

We can’t wait to take our children trick or treating! We spoke with our nieces before they went out and they were so excited!! Queen Elsa and Princess Anna looked adorable! Read more »

Continuing Education

We think it’s so important to continue to learn and grow. Jenna is currently taking some classes to help grow her knowledge. Since education is something that we value, we plan on paying for our child’s secondary education. Whether it be university or trade school, we plan to support them. Read more »

Fall festivities

We went apple picking last weekend with joshs mom. We came home and made our traditional apple cider and apple crisp! We do this every year ever since we’ve been together. This year it came out the best!! Read more »

First fire!

We had our first fire tonight and we had a great time just the two of us relaxing together. We can’t wait to have our friends over for an outdoor movie night and fire. Read more »

Backyard update

The materials arrived and we put the fire pit in!! We have some adjustments we are going to make over the weekend to even out the perimeter. We can’t wait to finally use it!! Next up is reseeding the yard!! Read more »

October means fall!

We love October! We love the crisp air, the leaves changing color, and most of all, we love all the fall festivities!! We are going to an apple festival this weekend with our friends. It’s such a fun place to be and it’s definitely a blast. We can’t wait for our little one to be able to join us!! Read more »

Backyard update

We are finally able to get our order for the fire pit delivered!! It comes on Monday and we can’t wait to finally finish this project. We are going to have our friends over and have an outdoor movie night near the fire! Read more »

Seasonal pajamas

One of our favorite things to do during the holidays is matching pajamas. I love to get us Halloween and Christmas pajamas! Each year it’s something different. I got us dinosaur skeleton pajamas and my niece saw them and she loved them. She’s 2 years old so she was telling me that she sees a green dinosaur, which melted Read more »


First day of fall!! My favorite time of the year. I have already decorated and have been planning fall activities. Josh and I need to find a weekend to do our traditional apple picking and homemade apple cider and pie!! We can’t wait to share that tradition with our little one! Read more »

Bento boxes

I love watching the bento box videos on tiktok. I save all the videos that I like so I can have healthy and fun lunch ideas in the future for our child. Making sure that our child is meeting all their nutritional needs is extremely important to us. We want them to have the energy that they need to grow up strong and are able Read more »

Fantasy Football

We love playing fantasy football together in our family league! All of Jenna’s siblings and significant others get a league together love the competition. It makes watching the games more fun. Kickoff is tonight so we are hoping to have a win for week one! On football Sunday’s we love to make a big pot of soup or Read more »

Backyard update

Josh and I finally got the backyard measured and laid out. Now we have to wait for the materials to arrive and for a weekend to not be rainy! We hope to have this in before November when the ground is too hard to dig up. Started to dig it up today. Whew what a task!! Read more »

Football Season

My family is a huge Penn State family. My grandfather, both my parents, aunts and uncle, and myself went to Penn State. My parents are season ticket holders for the football season, so we love to join them at the game and tailgate. Nothing like Beaver Stadium! We can wait for our child to join this family tradition!! We Read more »

Pool day at Jenna’s Parents House

Hey! Today we are having some of our friends over to go swimming, make s’mores, and play some board games! Jenna’s parents love hosting and their backyard is awesome to hang out in. Our nieces love swimming and their Mimi will literally get in the pool with her clothes on to make them happy and swim with them. They think Read more »

Backyard Patio

Today I had a half day so I put together the Blackstone Griddle. I’m excited to start cooking on it once I season it! We look forward to having dinner on the patio with our future child! As we make our backyard oasis, I see a big playset in the back for our future child to play on. There’s plenty of room for the kiddo to Read more »

Starting backyard fire pit

Hey!! We are About to start the planning on our backyard fire pit area. I have been on Pinterest looking for some backyard inspirations. I’ll attach what a picture of what I want to do! I’ll keep you updated on our progress!! -Jenna Read more »

Back from vacation!

We just got back from a wonderful 8 day cruise! We had a blast visiting the Bahamas, Jamaica, and a beautiful private island in Haiti. While we had some time to relax, we also took this time to do plenty of fun activities which include water parks, shopping, swimming, and attending shows. We really enjoyed the ice show that Read more »

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