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Kate & Jesse

To Someone Special,

Hello, we are Kate and Jesse. Thank you for choosing to read our story. We’re honored to meet you and deeply respect the decision you are making. We know that you are making this decision with, and out of love.

We have been together for 8 years (married for 5), we live in NY with our beautiful cat Rocky. Kate is a fashion designer and Jesse works in the local community, in economic development. We are so happy that we have made this vibrant and diverse city our home. NY has a spirit of acceptance and celebration that is special - we want our family to grow in that environment, by hopefully adopting an infant. Our NY life is full of variety, and we’re looking forward to how sharing our love of the city with a child will introduce us to so much more.

If we become adoptive parents, we promise to unconditionally love and cherish a child. We will nurture and care for the child in a loving and safe home, allowing them to grow and develop as is right for them, respecting their choices and needs. We want to share the experiences and fabric of our lives. Our friends and families are ready to welcome them with love and support us on our journey together.

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Who We Are

We met online in 2014 and after some charming email banter about killer whales, we started dating. Meeting a bit later in life, we felt secure in ourselves, and the time to be together felt right. Our relationship grew quickly and easily.

Jesse proposed on Staten Island from a viewpoint overlooking Lower Manhattan. We married in the Summer of 2017, during a wonderful weekend in upstate NY. Our wedding was a joyful celebration of our love and life together with our loved ones from near and far. We managed and produced the whole wedding among friends and family; Kate’s mum baked the cake, her brother was responsible for hanging lights, and Jesse’s family provided bountiful decorations - it was a memorable testament to those that love and support us.

Early in our relationship, we talked about our wish to have children and grow our family. After some time, we realized it was going to be difficult to conceive naturally. We embarked upon IVF. Kate became pregnant, and devastatingly our baby girl died at 24 weeks. Our love for our baby girl and our longing to be parents led us to adoption. We want to create a loving family and feel that adoption is right for us. We are excited to be on our adoption journey we and hope to welcome a child into our hearts and home.

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A spot of DIY

Jesse has been hard at work, painting the brick wall in our guest room. First of all he filled in all the holes in the brick. This is the primer coat going on. We’re still deciding what color to paint…... seafoam or more of a duck egg blue….....????!

Apple Picking!

My friend Hayley and I love apple picking…. its fun to drive upstate, in the fall sunshine and then walk around the orchard. Love an apple cider donut ;) Maisie the schnauzer enjoys it too…!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Kate & Jesse

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Kate & Jesse