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Micah & Ali

Hello & Welcome

Nice to meet you. We're Ali and Micah, and we are hoping to build our family through adoption. Family is everything to us!

We think of you often… while in the kitchen doing the dishes, in the car while out running errands, or when lying awake in bed at night. We find ourselves wondering what you might be thinking or feeling, and if adoption is what truly is best for you. We wonder if you're getting the love and support you need and what your story is. We think about how you're likely going through one of the hardest journeys you've ever experienced. While you pray for your baby, we pray for a baby. Perhaps what we need is each other. Maybe we are the answer to each other's prayers. Maybe we can bring one another healing and hope.

Our goal is to raise children surrounded by unconditional love and support. We will foster their imagination, encourage their exploration, and share in their dreams. We will teach them the importance of kindness, empathy, and courage. They will know that it was their first mother’s courage and love that brought them to us.
We would love nothing more than to have you in our life and family if that is what is best for you.

Text or Call: (724) 858-5651
Email: hello.amadopt.com
Website: alimicahadopt.com
Instagram: alexandra_sulaiman; ali_and_micah_adopt

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Who We Are

It's hard to believe it's been 9 years since we met and fell in love at the University of Pittsburgh. An engagement, a wedding, a dog, a cat, two nephews, and a niece later, we are so ready to build our family!

Our first date started with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (Micah loves cheesecake) followed by ice skating downtown. It ended with Ali coming down with the flu. It was Micah’s kindness in those moments that made Ali know that this was something special. We were inseparable from that point on, and we knew we were meant to be together. It was something about the way our personalities clicked that just felt right. Micah is a calm and collected soul. He is the perfect balance of practical, thoughtful, and kind, and his actions speak louder than his words. Ali on the other hand is more spontaneous, spirited, and playful. She brings spunk and liveliness to the relationship, and she is always up for an adventure. Through our differences we bring out the best in each other. We are a team, we are fun-loving, and we are fiercely loyal.

Our Relationship

Micah- in the words of Ali
Micah is my rock. When a bird (that I thought in the moment was a bat) broke into my house, I called Micah ...in Isreal. As I stood outside in the rain, he talked me through the situation. My phone was dying, so HE called the landlord... from Israel. When a snake slithered over my legs and into my blanket while studying at a park, I called Micah... at work. He grabbed his keys and was halfway out the door before he realized my cries for help were about a garter snake. He talked me through the predicament, and eventually, I recovered my blanket. When I bought the perfect couch but forgot to account for the turn radius entering my apartment and couldn't get it in the door, I called Micah. Although he was recovering from knee surgery, he drove to the apartment and then, in the back of a van, in the pouring rain, he disassembled, moved, and then reassembled my perfect light blue couch. (See picture below of Leo on the couch). Micah is truly the kindest, most dedicated soul I have ever met, and I cannot wait to watch him become a dad. (Also pretty impressed by his slightly nerdy ability to take things apart and put them back together).

Ali- in the words of Micah
Ali knows how to bring the fun. She plans our weekend trips, restaurants to try, and activities to do. When we go on vacation she brings a list of what we’ve gotta hit. When the weekend comes around she’s always got something up her sleeve for us to do. I love that she always keeps us moving and having fun. On our 3 year anniversary, I decided I was going to do something special. I made plans at what I thought was a cute, little French restaurant not far from where we live. When we rolled up, with me in my finest chinos and Ali in her finest jean jacket, immediately we knew we were terribly out of place. Pressed white linen table cloths, candles, and fancy butter…this was the kind of restaurant where the waiter opens your napkin for you. We sheepishly looked at our menus and were a little shocked by the prices. The first course consisted of a quarter size piece of cheese with a couple of berries on top. We looked at each other and struggled to control our laughter. Tears streaming down our faces, we tried to act casual. The minuscule portions continued along with suppressed laughter thanks to Ali. We wound up having a blast even though we paid a fortune and needed to get Chipotle afterwards. I love how spontaneous and energizing Ali is. No matter what we do Ali knows how to make it fun. There is no such thing as a bad date, and she always keeps me laughing. I can’t imagine life without her.

"Ali and Micah have always wanted to be parents and will put their whole hearts and souls into ensuring their child is healthy, happy, kind, and always knows how deeply loved and wanted they are." -Family Friend

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Micah & Ali

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Micah & Ali