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Hello from Adam & Emil (and our dog, Charlie)!

We're Adam and Emil. We're so excited to begin the next chapter of our lives by starting a family together and we want to thank you for taking some time to learn more about us.
We understand that you have so many decisions to make as you consider adoption and that your decisions will be based on the deep love you have for your child.
We're incredibly grateful for this chance to tell you more about ourselves and the home we want to create for your child.
We both love children and have always hoped to become fathers and devote our lives to a child. Raising children was something we talked about very early on in our relationship. We feel completely ready!

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Who We Are

Adam is a Bostonian and spent several years living in Seattle. Emil was raised in Canada (Vancouver) and after a short time in California, he finished high school in New York where his family permanently relocated. We met at our friend Colin’s birthday party and totally hit it off!

We dated long distance for a year before Adam moved to New York. We were together for five years before getting married in a small and beautiful Covid-time wedding.

We live in NYC with our gentle, smart and funny dog, Charlie. She’s a lab/shepherd mix, is great with kids and we’re crazy about her.

Our neighborhood is great. We enjoy taking Charlie on walks and eating our way through all of our local, diverse restaurants. We also love hiking, spending time at the beach, going to the theater, making home cooked meals, and we make a big deal about celebrating birthdays. We don’t care what age you are. Everyone gets balloons, decorations, cake, singing…the works!

We’ve known since early on in our relationship that we wanted children. As a same-sex couple, we have lots of friends with adopted kids who have wonderful experiences. We know that adoption is the right path for us to take and we are ready should you choose us.

We both grew up in families who gave us tremendous love and support and who helped us grow into pretty alright adults. That’s what we’ll provide for your child, should you generously bless us. For us that means we’ll have a fun household full of play, music, celebrations and family activities.

We’ll do that while teaching and emulating the power of being respectful, generous and kind. We’ll also provide your child with opportunities to pursue their interests like music, art, sports, science, or whatever else may come up. We promise to be supportive in helping your child pursue and develop whatever their talents, special interests or passions turn out to be.

We both have very flexible, successful, established careers so now we can be very involved fathers from the very beginning.

Adam works from home most of the week and is an internal consultant and project manager for a large healthcare organization. He’s been doing this work for 7 years. Prior to that he was a practicing physical therapist for 14 years.

Emil has a home based office. His family are all nearby and his mother will be retiring next year so she plans to be with us a lot.

We know that raising children takes a village and we feel lucky to be surrounded by our village of family and friends.

We also live in a diverse neighborhood where so many ethnicities, races and cultural backgrounds are represented and celebrated.

We are excited, of course, to share our own traditions. It’s also important to us to honor the unique background of you and your family, and to let your child know that he or she is loved by so many people!

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Adam & Emil

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Adam & Emil