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Vacation Mode

We’re getting ready for vacation! We look forward to taking our family on vacation in the future. Traveling is something we both enjoy. One of our goals is to go to all 50 states. We’ve been to 16 together so far. Read more »

Vacation Planning!

We’re heading to David’s cousin’s wedding. David enjoys researching and planning at new locations- it makes for a fun trip! Today he was busy planning for vacation. We leave Thursday. Read more »

Friday night

David and I enjoy spending time as a family. We look forward to seeing what interests our future kids have and helping them pursue their interests. Tonight we painted mugs as a wedding gift for David’s cousin. We’re excited to celebrate with them next weekend! We met friends for tacos after and had a delicious Read more »

Boat Ride

David worked outside in the yard and went for a boat ride. Morgan worked on school work and her job virtually. We will be walking our dogs around the neighborhood later. Read more »

Another Day on the Job

David went over with his fire crew on flowing water out of a Tower Truck at the fire department. Morgan went into work teaching nursing students. Read more »

Work Day

David today went over pet safety at the local Humane Society. Morgan worked at home and enjoyed time with our two dogs. Read more »

Morning Walk

We enjoy living so close to the water. The beach is about 2 blocks away. I try to walk on the beach as much as I can. We both look forward to sharing our child about fishing, boating, paddle boarding and the amazing ecosystems in the water! Read more »

Date Night

Tonight was date night! We went out to eat and saw a comedian. David and I think it’s important to for children see a strong, healthy relationship in their parents relationship. Read more »

Friday at the Firehouse

Today, I stopped by to see David at work. I’m excited to bring our future children to the firehouse. I love that David is able to have visitors and often stop by when he’s working. Read more »

Flexible work schedules

Today, we are grateful the flexibility both our jobs have. Morgan works a more tradition Monday-Friday schedule, but often works from home and can easily take off for doctor’s appointments, teacher meetings, activities. David can trade days and has a lot of vacation, so he also has a lot of flexibility. When he is at the Read more »

Planning our next trip

Today, we saw David’s parents before the head home tomorrow. We also booked flights to go see Morgan’s family. We’re always appreciative of the time we have with family! Read more »

Drone show!

Today we celebrated Fourth of July. We know not everyone celebrates today the same. We spent time visiting friends and family. Our city did a drone show instead of fireworks, which was awesome! We were able to walk to see it and loved it! Read more »

Fireworks for the Fourth:)

Today we celebrated July 4th early watching the sunset, fireworks and dinner at a nearby marina with David’s parents. We are excited to bring kids to events like this in the future. Read more »

Out to lunch

David got home today after 3 days at work:) we did some housework, saw friends for lunch and I was able to squeeze some homework in. Read more »

Work, Work, Work (then play!)

Today we worked. David was at work and I worked from home. After work, I watched a romantic comedy. David and I usually like different movies, so I often watch my shows on days he works. Read more »

A typical day

Hello, We started the day by walking the dogs. Morgan had to work, but David was off work. He saw his parents for lunch, did a lot of yard work and talked to a couple fishing buddies. I went paddle boarding with a friend. After I got home, we picked up, ate and watched tv for an hour. I had to do a bit of homework before bed Read more »

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