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Our Story

We met in High School and are High School Sweethearts! We went to separate colleges, but knew we were meant to be together, so we got married after college. Josh graduated with a business degree and Brittany went on to get her Master's degree in Professional Counseling. Brittany is now a Licensed Professional Counselor and Josh is a Financial Advisor.

We are strong believers in Christ and our relationship is based on faith. We are committed to one another through thick and thin. We always knew we wanted children and have always planned to adopt. We have 2 biological children-a boy and a girl and we have an adopted daughter.

We have an amazing support system, who are ready to shower another baby with so much love!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in Tennessee, where we were both born and raised. We love Tennessee with all of it's seasons and mountains and hills.

We live close to Nashville, so we love the opportunity it provides us to be able to go into the city and enjoy all of the things it has to offer as well. However, we love living outside of the big city too because our town has many parks, trails and fun activities to do too! We always love finding new things to do around where we live!

We recently moved into a house in a neighborhood we absolutely love. The neighborhood has many children in it for all of our kids to play with. We have great playground where many of the kids meet up to play as well. It is also very family friend with fun events and food trucks all year long! We live in a culture-de-sac where our children love to ride bikes, scooter and roller blade.

We love to decorate our house for the holidays and make it feel like home. We love to have people over to have fun and celebrate life events.


adoptive family photo - Brittany Brittany is a loving person, who always enjoys helping others. She always takes into account other needs and tries to meet them. She was adopted by her grandparents, which is why she is so passionate about adopting children. Brittany has 2 older brothers, who also have children for our future child to play with.


adoptive family photo - Josh Josh is calm and optimistic by nature. He's patient and kind. He's smart and loves learning about all sorts of things. He is a Financial Advisor and works for a great company.

He loves his children deeply. He makes our children laugh and listens to them when they want to talk. He is intentional about teaching his children things on a variety of topics. Josh is an incredible dad. He is looking forward to loving another future child as well!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Brittany & Josh

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Brittany & Josh