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Our Story

When we met in 2005 through friends, we were drawn to each other’s fun and lighthearted personalities. After spending four years getting to know each other, we decided to begin our lives officially as a married couple in July of 2009. Six months later, we entered the dog-parent life by growing our family to three with Labelle, who joined us at nine weeks old. Outside of our busy days—Michael as a graphic artist for a world-renowned tech company, Margarita as a compliance officer in the healthcare industry, and eight-year-old Kyle’s extracurricular activities—we enjoy traveling together as a family or with friends on trips to Disneyland, San Diego, our vacation home in Kauai, or anywhere else around the world. Maintaining a work–life balance is important to us, so we make it a point to spend weekends wisely together as every second counts.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home For 11 years, we have lived in a quiet, diverse, family-oriented community in California. Our neighbors are practically family. Our home is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that has a nice lawn out front where you might find Michael playing catch with Kyle as Labelle chases the ball, like “monkey in the middle.” Other times, Kyle’s treehouse in the backyard that Michael built is enjoyed by the kids in the family or neighborhood. We believe it’s important to stay involved in our son’s life, so we remain involved in his school despite our busy workday schedules. Margarita is vice president of the school’s parent/teacher group, and Michael coaches the seventh grade basketball team. In anything we do, family always comes first.


adoptive family photo - Margarita I am an extrovert that enjoys the company of friends, and most especially, family. I also have a Type A personality, but have learned not to sweat the little things. Because I am driven and a get-it-done type of person, I take care of the planning for our family. I take joy in helping others succeed in whatever they do, so raising our son is driven by the benefits of learning from failures and growing from everything learned.

My husband is my confident and is my partner in building the foundation of our family. As we raise our son as a team, we carry on traditions for our family, especially during the holidays and other special occasions. Growing our family and creating the memories that is vital in the life of child is my family motivation.


adoptive family photo - Michael I’m an extrovert and avid sports fan. I love attending football games and playing sports with my son. I’m a hands on type who wants to try to fix everything but seek out help if needed. I’m pasionate about family and traveling with them everywhere. Father to a 4 legged daughter whom I walk everyday for excersice. I also fundraise for Lupus by running half marathons.

The inspiration of my life is my mom, a single-mom that provided me with everything she had with the value of always applying yourself to succeed in anything you do. This is the same value I work with my wife to instill in our son. While my wife keeps me grounded, we support each other throughout life from working as a team to take care of household chores to planning our future for our family.

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Mike and Margarita

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Mike and Margarita