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Paulina & Calvin

We have so much love to give!!!

Hi there! We are Paulina & Calvin from Long Island, NY. We have a rock-solid marriage, a wonderful son who dreams of becoming a big brother, a silly goofball of a dog, a spoiled rotten cat, and a cozy home with a big yard in a safe and friendly suburban community. We've met 16 years ago, married a year later, and together created quite a multicultural family, with Paulina being from Poland, Calvin born and raised New Yorker, and our son adopted from South Korea. We love each other to the moon and back and still have tons of love to share! We are hoping to grow our family via private adoption.

We understand that finding the right adoptive family for your baby is not an easy endeavor... Although we cannot alleviate all your fears, we promise, should you choose us, your child will be cherished, lovingly cared for and loved unconditionally with all our hearts.

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Who We Are

Paulina: I was born and raised in Poland, in the beautiful historic town of Gdansk on the shore of the Baltic Sea. After graduating from university with master's in archeology, I came to the USA to fulfill my lifelong dream of taking a year to experience living and traveling in the States. That period of time was everything I hoped for and more: not only did I get to see a big chunk of America, but also met the love of my life.
I love spending time with my family, traveling, going on nature hikes and camping. I also enjoy Broadway shows, reading good mystery and horror novels (big Stephen King's fan) and baking. I am a foodie and I love to experiment in the kitchen trying out recipes from different cuisines.
We recently bought a house and now I’m learning to garden & DIY projects which is a lot of fun! My biggest fulfillment is being a Mom and I'd love to raise more kiddos. Being an only child myself, I can appreciate how much more enriching life would have been if I had a sibling.

Calvin: I am a New Yorker born & raised, however my family comes from the Midwest. I have a huge clan of aunts, uncles and cousins all over Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia. I have a graduate degree in public administration. In my spare time I prefer to be outdoors than indoors. I enjoy working in the garden and around the house fixing things. I love taking my family on road trips and I'm always searching for fun things for us to do. I also like quiet evenings at home playing board games and watching Netflix. My hobby is painting miniatures, listening to podcast, history & football.

We met in NYC and 8 months into our relationship we were engaged! We got married in Las Vegas and had a church ceremony the following year in Poland. We always knew we wanted to be parents and that we would adopt, even if we were to have biological children. We adopted our son Liam from South Korea. The moment we brought him home was the happiest we've ever been.
We love our son beyond words, and without a doubt with the second child our love won't divide - it will multiply! We have always dreamed of a family with siblings to grow together and support each other. We know for a fact that Liam will be an amazing big brother, and our love as parents has no limits... it can only expand while our family grows!

Adoption Diary

Easter traditions

Cultivating fun family traditions passed from generation to generation is an important part of our believes. During Easter we color eggs, watch our son do the special Easter Egg Hunt, eat yummy Easter breakfast and… lots & lots of cheesecake :D

Spring is the season of hope

Flowers bloom, birds chirp, moods improve… Spring calls us back to nature: to walk, garden, fix up the patio to get it ready for barbecue season. Even an occasional rain cannot take away from the joy we feel in this Season Of Hope.

We just got State certified to adopt! It took a few long months but finally here we are: hopeful adoptive parents waiting for that one essential phone call that will forever change our life!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Paulina & Calvin

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Paulina & Calvin