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Bubbles! by Julia

This picture doesn’t do what happened justice. We were at the playground close to dusk- it had been a long day and it was also very windy. Myself I was pretty much ready to go home when I got there! Isaac was playing but sort of bored too. Then this little two year old girl started using this giant bubble hoop- she would hold it up to the wind and so many bubbles would come out…some big, some bumpy, some tiny. They were sparkling and swooping around on the wind. All the kids started chasing them, barely ever Read more »

Building Relationships is Like Playing Fetch by Julia

Ok bear with me on this. Isaac was trying to play fetch with Matilda. He kept throwing the stick when she was off sniffing a bush or rolling on her back. He was getting frustrated and we had to explain that he needed to show her the stick- otherwise she wouldn’t know he had thrown it or where to look for it. Just like Read more »

Music Night

Here’s a picture from our music night. We’re using that term loosely- we are not the Von Trapps or even close!  However, we do have a lot of fun making joyful noise! We spent part of this music night singing a little song (Matt made up the lyrics) about our waiting for you and a new little brother or sister Read more »

#DadLife by Matt

I love being a dad. This is one of my favorite photos, from when we were digging under our lilac bushes…I don’t always get as many “Daddy and Isaac” days as there are “Mommy and Isaac” days, because I usually work more days during the week. Of course I get to have #dadlife when we’re Read more »

Bring in the Spring! by Julia

It was a great weekend to walk the dogs at a nearby preserve that used to be a farm. Isaac was a little confused about how it could be a farm with no animals. We were able to distract him by searching for signs of wildlife and throwing the ball for the dogs. That’s another thing I look forward to about having another Read more »

Feats of Marbles

We pulled out the marble run today. Perhaps we should get an extension set? More wheels, more ramps, more levers- marbles gotta roll! Read more »

States Julia Has Lived in

While chasing my dream of combining veterinary medicine and conservation (it didn’t work out but that’s another story), I’ve done a lot of schooling, volunteering and internships in many states. I’ve lived in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico, Read more »

Mud Puppies by Julia

We took our dogs for a hike and right before we got back to the car, we crossed a muddy brook. Pavlov stayed with Matt but Matilda took a dive! It reminded me of one of our first dates. Pavlov was his dog and Matilda was mine. Matter of fact, one reason I wrote him was that he had a black and white dog (thank you OK Read more »

What Kind of Brother will Isaac be? by Julia

This Monday we had a playdate at Southwick’s Zoo. He and this little boy we were with have known each other since they were infants. They’re growing up together, but each has their own distinct personality. It helped me picture what Isaac might be like as a big brother. Isaac was a rule follower…at one Read more »

Family Cooking Night

We cooked for our family night this past weekend and wanted to share a picture with you. We took a series of pictures and they just kept getting sillier. One thing we are looking forward to in our adoption journey is celebrating birth roots. Cooking recipes from everyone’s backgrounds could be one fun way to do Read more »

Moments from Easter

Every Easter, we set up a scavenger hunt where we put clues in the plastic eggs in Isaac’s basket. The pictures are mainly drawn by Matt because Julia’s drawing attempts run toward the abstract!  Isaac loved searching for the treats and small toys - at one point exclaiming over “that trickster rabbit” Read more »

Easter Prep Procrastination (written by Julia)

Sometimes I procrastinate- I’ll admit that up front. I like to think it of as a form of optimism. I had to come home from grocery shopping and then go straight back out to get the Easter candy from a local chocolate shop.  That’s right, I didn’t buy the candy until the day before Easter (Easter Eve???)  Read more »

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