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Our Story

We met while we were both living in North Carolina, and 12 years later our journey has brought us to Georgia. We are both college graduates — Ashley is a senior manager for a major healthcare company, while Jordan works in sales for a construction firm. We enjoy spending weekends around our neighborhood, frequently grilling in our backyard, playing at the pool and hiking on local trails. We also love an occasional trip — whether it’s visiting friends and family, or exploring somewhere new -- and we look forward to safely continuing our adventurous ways soon!
We have two beautiful children, Jane (born March 2018) and Henry (born March 2020) – both born in Pennsylvania. We were with Jane hours after she was born, and her birthmother is one of the most special people in our life. Jane is smart, funny, athletic, and the best big sister. Henry is lovingly called “Hank the Tank” as he is our big boy, who is always happy and loves playing ball and cuddling.
We alternate holidays with both of our families, which are full of laughter and traditions. Ashley has four brothers and Jordan has two sisters, and we have a new nephew, Liam –
so our big families offer a lot of playmates! Jane and Henry always find a way to steal the show!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our neighborhood is a tight knit community, filled with children playing and laughing. We live on a cul-de-sac, which is perfect for scooter races with the neighbors and practicing our bike riding. We have a home that we love, with five bedrooms and a playroom that we spend lots of time in!
Our dog, Oliver, is the sweetest. He loves cuddling with Jane and Henry.

My Wife, Ashley

adoptive family photo - My Wife, Ashley Ashley is the most loving, thoughtful, and caring person I have ever known -- and is the most nurturing mother! We all adore the life she creates daily for our family. She is a fabulous cook, has created a beautiful home for us, but most of all I love her independent spirit. Ashley makes me laugh without trying — with her natural quirks and wit — and her visionary spirit consistently challenges me to be thinking ahead. Ash never forgets anyone’s birthday or anniversary, and she mails more letters and cards than anyone I know.

My Husband, Jordan

adoptive family photo - My Husband, Jordan Family man, doting husband, sports enthusiast — these are just some words that describe my husband. Jordan is not only the most loyal and devoted man I know, but also the most fun — he makes me burst into laughter in the most unlikely of moments! Jordan is one of the lucky few who has a job that he loves — selling sports stadium lighting. We are lucky that he works from home and is able to spend extra time with the family! Jordan is a “hands-on” dad — he makes the children a hot breakfast every morning, and is our children’s go-to for story-telling and races through the yard. He is the best partner, and I am so luckily to have him as my co-parent.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ashley and Jordan
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Ashley and Jordan