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Fourth of July Tradition

Every year on the 4th we do a neighborhood parade and popsicles afterwards! We live on a one way road so we put cones up and close it so the kids can do numerous laps around the loop. Such a great day!!!!!!! Read more »

Neighborhood Puzzle Day

Today we worked on our neighborhood puzzle. Such a cute idea one of our former neighbors started to share with our community. This puzzle gets passed from neighbor to neighbor (its a military community so we all move alot). Once you complete write your last name and date on the last piece. We had such a fun time completing Read more »

Boat Day!!!!!

We have cousins in town yesterday was just the best day. We rented a pontoon boat and drove out the sandbar. Spent the afternoon swimming and jumping off the boat and also got to see lots of sea turtles and the biggest surprise of all MANTA RAYS!!!!!! They were gigantic!!!! Living the aloha life truly! We are so blessed to Read more »

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to Kirt today. Seriously he is the absolute best Dad to these boys. He works so hard to put his family first in every situation. Truly we are so blessed to call him ours. Read more »

Happy Hawaii TWO YEAR anniversary

Oh my gosh!! TWO years ago today we arrived to live in beautiful Hawaii!!!! After 14 days of quarantine we hit the ground running! So much exploring we’ve done already on this island. Happy this summer we get to start exploring the other islands-BIG ISLAND exploring set for July already. We have no idea how much longer we Read more »


The boys started summer camp today and it was a successful fun day ☀️☀️☀️  Tomorrow begins homework time afterwards tho. Gotta keep up the math and reading throughout the summer so they don’t lose all they’ve learned so far Read more »


Over the past few days we stayed in a cute little cottage on the other side of the island. One of our favorite spots on the island. Kirt can surf, I can paddeboard, kids can kayak and beach all day!!!! Its wonderful!!! Also there’s a cute little restaurant that plays live music in the evenings. We loved watching the Read more »

Neighborhood Last Day of School Party

Last day of school so we joined together to surprise our neighborhood kiddos with the Kona Shave Ice Truck, waterballons, and of course a slip n slide!!! Such a fun day and great way to end the school year! So proud of all these kids!!!!!! Read more »

Last Day of School

I can’t be more proud of my boys!!! This year started out with so much anxiety (backstory I homeschooled all last year) but this year ended with so much love for their amazing school and wonderful teachers. They broke down their fear barriers and had such a successful year.  I am blessed to be a stay at home mom and be Read more »

It takes a Village ❤️  This is ours

Our community! Our village! It is just the best we could ever hope for.  Our neighbors at the drop of a hat will pick up kids, watch kids, comfort kids, feed kids, and babysit our kids anytime we ask. We all just do it and support each other and love each others kids like our own. Last night we hosted a cookout to Read more »

Hōíke Performance at the kids school

Today was the first IN PERSON school activity parents could attend in over 2 years!!! I can’t tell you how wonderful it was!! We have always been able to attend our boys school activities and because of covid it’s been rough! Today was just a blessing for all the kids and the school. Hawaii is very much about OHAHA Read more »

Fitness is Important-Happy Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day my husband and kiddos got me a PELOTON!!! I’ve been asking for one for awhile since I stopped running and finally it happened!!!! I’m obsessed with it and so glad to get back to workouts again!!!! Fitness/sports is very important in our family. We do eat healthy -most of the time but working out and Read more »

Our neighborhood is AMAZING

Recently we had another neighborhood birthday party. Man our kids have the best time in this neighborhood. It’s so safe and fun. There’s literally every age of kids in our neighborhood and they all play outside together. Our neighbors are wonderful! Truly it takes a village and we have the best one!!!!! Photo from recent Read more »

Easter Vacation

We decided to do an Easter staycation in Waikiki again. This time a different hotel with the most beautiful views and pools!!!!!! Pools pools everywhere!!!!  We all had a BLAST!! So much ice cream, swimming, and games!!!!! Read more »

April starts Month of the Military Child

Yes that’s right. As you have read we are a military family. That means ALOT of things. It means my husband has a great stable well paying job but it also means we MOVE-yes we move every few years-usually every three years. We have been so blessed to have experienced so many amazing places already-Virginia, Okinawa-Japan, Read more »

Spring Break 2022

Well we were supposed to be on a Hawaiian island cruise over spring break but thanks to covid ruining more plans we had to scratch that idea. We decided to do some beach camping and it was AMAZING!!!! The kids made some great friends there-we did too. They went crabbing at night, fishing during the day, and of course lots Read more »

Why are we adopting??????

We’ve always talked about adoption and how at one point in our lives we would love to do it. Last summer however was that turning point as we decided we wanted to add to our family. Unfortunately doctors gave me the news that I am no longer able to carry a child. My uterus is apparently unsafe and no attachment would Read more »

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