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  • Family fun
  • Halloween haunted pumpkin
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  • Astronauts galore!
  • Ready to carve the pumpkin!
  • Horses in the park,
  • Marathon Day!
  • Brunching!
  • Seen at the beach
  • A hawk, seen in the park.
  • Family visit!
  • Seen in the park today!
  • Having fun!

Cultural Activities in NY

  • Family fun day in our neighborhood!
  • Walking with Amal
  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • JazzFest at the park.
  • Classical Indian dance at a pier.
  • We gathered for trivia in midtown.
  • Halloween in the garden!
  • Halloween parade
  • Watching the marathon


  • Besties! Can't wait to welcome a little one.
  • Our friend Nabil.
  • Easter with friends
  • Debbie with baby Martin
  • Spring in the park with a friend. She loves doting on children, too.
  • Debbie and her godchildren.
  • Fourth of July!
  • Debbie with baby Martin.
  • Fun afternoon at the park with a friend.
  • Debbie holding baby Kate.
  • We love sharing NYC street fairs with friends.
  • Beating the heat. Can’t wait to share pool time with a little one.
  • Our friends' kids -- It's Halloween!
  • Fun at the pool!
  • Debbie with friend Yaelle.
  • Our friends love being silly and can’t wait till we adopt.
  • A great visit! Friends eager to dote on a little one.
  • Debbie with our friend's baby, Martin.
  • Our friends visiting recently.
  • Hanging out at the park!
  • Friend can’t wait to dote on a little one!
  • Birthday girl who can’t wait to help a little one celebrate!
  • Halloween! 2a30-4423-8785-2d19c2d1e5f7
  • Halloween skeleton handshake.
  • Pumpkins!!


  • The family gathers.
  • The leaves are changing!
  • Our nephews can't wait for a cousin!
  • Two of our nephews at our annual beach trip
  • Grandpa and Grandma and Viv.
  • Happy birthday to our nephew!
  • Ted and brothers in law.
  • Nephews at Christmastime!
  • Deb and nephew Leo playing Scrabble
  • Debbie with niece Danielle
  • Ted with nephew Leo and brother-in-law David
  • Brother Eddie and his pup ... can't wait to welcome a little one to the family!
  • Our nephew, center, after a first home run.
  • Debbie celebrating her mother's (Sharon) birthday
  • Ted and Debbie with parents, step parents and siblings.
  • Our nephews.
  • Thanksgiving with the whole family
  • Debbie, her brother and nephew
  • Brothers and sisters in Baltimore at boardwalk.
  • We can't wait to visit playgrounds with our child.
  • Visiting Deb’s stepmom.
  • Visiting our nephews and family.
  • Ted with baby Adam.
  • Cousins in the park
  • Our nephew celebrates!
  • Our Nephews and their adorable pup!
  • Family visit!
  • Debbie's brother celebrates a birthday!
  • Family in DC!
  • Debbie with our nephew who can’t wait for a little one! Mini golf!
  • Debbie and one of her brothers.
  • Having a grand time in the sand
  • Our family is serious about our ice cream. Five scoop sundae!
  • A very happy birthday!!
  • Family fun at the beach!
  • Making S’mores!
  • Family get together in the Poconos.
  • It’s blueberry time! How many on a fork?!
  • Grandma and grandpa can’t wait to dote on a little one!
  • Hanging out!
  • Grandma is ready to dote on a little one!
  • Go Temple!
  • Ready to grill!
  • November family visits!
  • Uno with the nephews!
  • Grandma Helene  can’t wait to welcome a little one!
  • Ace45094-dfa3-4cf5-8fe6-5ea902ff8442
  • Smiles!
  • Fall in Central Park
  • A family visit!

More About Us

  • At Shakespeare's Garden in Central Park. We can't wait to share with a little one.
  • Hanging out
  • Holiday time!
  • The park is like a second home. We can't wait to share it with a little one.
  • Getting into the holiday spirit!
  • Birthday Trivia: Can’t wait to share our love of trivia with a child.
  • Ted enjoys some vacation-time fishing.
  • We love board games like Scrabble.
  • We can’t wait to share the kids’ newspaper section with a child.
  • Out back at home, in the gardens.
  • Visiting Paris, where we have many friends.
  • Ted enjoys New York pastrami for a birthday treat.
  • Out to dinner
  • Ted relaxing at home near our bike and yoga corner.
  • Early morning, on our patio.
  • In the kitchen
  • Date night earlier this year. Can't wait to share all seasons with a little one.
  •  Ready for yoga at home!
  • A day in the park.
  • Cooling off in the North Woods of the park.
  • Making cookies!
  • At the pier for trivia night.
  • A summer walk in the park.
  • Hanging around at home, excited at the thought of family.
  • Debbie can't wait to paint with a child. Loves to finger-paint.
  • Ted is in the kitchen cooking up a storm!
  • At  Bethesda Terrace and we can’t wait to share a favorite place with a little one.
  • Ted at mini golf!
  • One of our last summer trivia nights. We do love them!
  • Cuddling our friends’ pup!
  • Visiting Pennsylvania
  • Ready for the scenic views of the Pa. Mountains.
  • Last days of summer, in Central Park!
  • Pregaming Halloween. Spooky times in Pa.
  • The turtles of Central Psrk were out in force on this hot day!
  • Enjoying company of a pup
  • At the East River. Gorgeous day.
  • A lovely Sunday for walking the reservoir.
  • Yummy cake from a favorite bakery!
  • More painting
  • Another one in the park. Thinking about cute hats we could share with a little one.
  • Debbie in the park! Enjoying the weather.
  • Playing Uno!
  • A storefront with cute dolls
  • Finding Little Amal in Harlem.
  • Ready for a spooky Halloween
  • Pumpkin time!
  • Sitting on a park bench
  • Having a great day!

Ted Loves…. And can’t wait to share with a child:

  • Crosswords, under the gaze of hero Jackie Robinson.
  • Relaxing after biking. Hope to teach child to ride.
  • Sharing his joy over birthday pastrami sandwich.
  • His love of the Giants!
  • Some of the wildlife we see in Central Park.
  • Ted is ready to sauté zucchini noodles!
  • After an Apple fritter. A hot beverage.
  • Ted getting ready for the 4th.
  • Vintage cookbooks!
  • Getting ready to grill!
  • Watching the ducks and geese!
  • We love dogs! Hope to have one, but for now we play with friends little pup.
  • Loving the cinnamon bun on a recent family visit.
  • Enjoying street fair food!
  • Just-baked cake!
  • A calm scene at the park.
  • Family fun day in the neighborhood.
  • Fresh baked pretzels!

We Love Cultural Activities in New York

  • World Dance fest full of families and kids.
  • The Ivory Coast represented at river fest.
  • Red Hawk Indigenous dancers.
  • Sculpture at nearby Lincoln Center.
  • Family Friendly festivals abound.
  • Cheering on runners!
  • Here is our view at a trivia night on the river.
  • Jazz in Central Park! Via Jazzmobile.
  • At Shakespeare in the Park again!
  • Yummy cakes from our adventures
  • At the conservatory gardens.
  • Little Amal, the refugee puppet, in Harlem.
  • Amal dances!

Halloween and Thanksgiving and More

  • Spooky decor down the street.
  • Our family dressing up for Halloween!
  • Creative Thanksgivings!
  • Hanging out with headless horseman (skeleton version)
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

More Photos

Family fun
Halloween haunted pumpkin
Astronauts galore!
Ready to carve the pumpkin!
Horses in the park,
Marathon Day!
Seen at the beach
A hawk, seen in the park.
Family visit!
Seen in the park today!
Having fun!

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