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Marathon Sunday

We went out to cheer on the runners! At mile 22, it was very festive with a brass band nearby and everyone encouraging the runners. Read more »

Halloween Fun!

We were able to visit our good friends and godchildren recently and Halloween decorations were out! Can’t wait to share with a little one. Read more »

Theater as summer winds down

We went to see As You Like It, at the theater in Central Park. There is a marionette theater right next door and we can’t wait to take a little one to the kids’ shows! Read more »

We had a great Labor Day weekend.

We spent time with close friends, at picnics, the opera (onscreen outdoors), in the park and catching up by phone. Here are all the turtles we saw, enjoying the Sun. We can’t wait to share this with a child. Read more »

Another shot from the spring

Here we are at our favorite pond, in late April, when all was in bloom. We tend to walk near this pond every day, and this time we chose to stick closer to the water, on different paths, to vary it up. We can’t wait to share our love of nature with a little one. Read more »


A shot of us about to go into warrior pose at yoga on the beach. Read more »

Cheering on the Triathlon Runners

We went for a walk this morning and ran into the triathlon runners going west to east across New York City. Here is one runner behind Debbie. It was early but already 85 degrees. Read more »

Our Friends Visited

We had a lovely dinner of hot dogs, corn on the Cobb and homemade potato salad. It was yummy but more importantly, it was nice to see our friends from overseas. Read more »

Visit With Friends

Our friends were visiting from overseas and we had dinner, played games… it was so much fun! The pre-teens loved the What’s Your Meme game, and so did we! Read more »

Concert in the Park

The disability pride month concert in the park was so good. We heard this artist sing. We love the culture in New York and we loved learning about disability pride month. Read more »

A Duckling!

We walked along the Hudson River in the evening and came upon a mama duck and her little ones, one of which was close to her. They were really speeding along, the ducklings! Read more »

Ready for the play

Ted and I were so happy to get a set of the tickets to the free play, starring Danai Gurira as Richard. (Photo taken before we remembered it was ok to unmask.) we appreciated the casting of the play, which included Deaf actors and an actor with cerebral palsy. Read more »

Theater in the park

One of our favorite events is Shakespeare in the Park. Last night we went to see it, with Danai Gurira of Black Panther starring. We couldn’t take photos of the play but here is its staging. Read more »

The Scene in the Park

Everyone comes out to barbecue in the park on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. We hope to include a little one in the festivities! Read more »

July 4

Today we celebrated the holiday with hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon and more! Here we are with our friend who loves to bake and can’t wait to share that with a child. We wish you peace and comfort. Read more »

The View From Trivia Night

The view from our seats at a free outdoor trivia night at Riverside Park. There were families and pets out on the pier and I thought this was a striking part of the landscape. We’re looking south and we’re across the river from Weehawken, NJ, here, and we tried to capture the sunset later — it was gorgeous. We were Read more »

Chasing Waterfalls

Earlier this spring, we stopped by some of the little waterfalls in the North Woods of the park. (We later saw a heron there, enjoying it as much as we did.) Read more »

We Love Board Games

Among the games we play regularly are Ticket to Ride, Scrabble, Azul and more. (And yes, we have a little “chicken coop” here, too.) We try to play once a week but now that summer is here, we have found ourselves enjoying the outdoors even more. We can’t wait to take a little one to the playground. Read more »

Summer is Sizzling

It was 90 degrees out here this weekend but we still ventured out to the park for a three-mile walk. At the end, we got a chance to cheer on the Pride Runners in Central Park. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but there were 7,000 runners. This was just the first few hundred. Read more »

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