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Happily married couple from New York

Hi! Our names are Debbie and Ted. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Although we do not yet know you, we admire your courage in making this decision to consider an adoption plan for your child, and are grateful that you are considering us to be your child’s very lucky adoptive parents. We know that this is a difficult decision for you and one that you are making out of love and in the best interest of your child. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of who we are and the unconditional love, warmth, support and encouragement we hope to share with a child. Adoption is already an amazing part of both of our families. Two of Debbie's brothers were adopted as well as Ted's first cousin.We love children and have always hoped to become parents. We wish you peace and comfort as you make this decision.

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We met 10 years ago at a trivia night in Manhattan and have been together ever since.
We love games, so it’s fitting that we met there. Ted saw Debbie across the room and came over to introduce himself. He traded with someone in order to sneak onto Debbie’s team. The rest is history – we hit it off and things just took off from there. We are very whimsical and funny when we are together. We are very responsible people, yet we don’t take life too seriously. We find joy in the everyday, mundane parts of life and we take time every day to express gratitude. We hope to pass along our joy in life to your child should you choose us to be adoptive parents.

Debbie and I have interests that cover a wide range of topics. We hope to share our passions and interests with your child so that he or she can discover what their talents and passions are. If your child’s talents and interests are different than ours, we want to learn as much about them as possible and encourage him or her to explore them.

Family is very important to us, and some of the most important time we spend with them is during various holidays.

Thanksgiving is a big holiday in our family. We are a very close family, and we usually gather from near and far at the home of Debbie’s cousin in New Jersey. There are a lot of cousins, as Debbie’s grandfather grew up on a dairy farm in New Jersey and had a lot of brothers and sisters. The cousins (or before them, their parents) have hosted a Thanksgiving like this for 40 years! Everyone brings foods (Ted bakes pumpkin pie!) and we set up lots of card tables for eating. There is a football game outside in the front yard, where the “oldtimers” play against the younger folk. There is usually a contingent of fans/ cheerleaders too. It doesn’t matter how cold it is or if there is a little snow: we are dedicated. Ted plays ball and Debbie cheers. Grandma Sharon loves her time with the grandchildren. Children are engaged throughout the day with crafts and pets and more. We can’t wait to add your child to this incredible celebration. It is quite magical, and is a highlight of the year.

If the kids aren’t cheering on the football players or playing ball, there are always arts and crafts tables where they can make macaroni necklaces or color. Sometime in the afternoon we all squeeze in for a group photo.

To complete the holiday extravaganza, we also go to visit Ted’s family to have a second Thanksgiving the next day. Ted’s sister, Viv, lives near Debbie’s cousins in New Jersey with her husband, David, and twin boys, Adam and Leo. Grandma Helene and Grandpa Alex live close by in Pennsylvania. We play games in the playroom – like MadLibs or playing with remote control racecars. Outside, we play soccer or basketball. We are very silly over the meal. Adam and Leo usually have some kind of mischief up their sleeves and like to play jokes on Grandma and Grandpa. They love getting their dessert, too, and showing off their knowledge of maps and Dungeons and Dragons.

The last couple of years, with the pandemic, we have made our own turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie – Ted really loves to cook and bake and is always cooking up a storm in the kitchen. We also saw our family on video. People dialed in from all over for the big get together that is Debbie’s family and there was a lot of joking about people forgetting to turn off the mute button. Everyone was very grateful for all of the good things in their lives.

Ted’s family Zoom was very fun too – we played Scattergories and Pictionary, while trying to figure out how to undo all of the silly Zoom filters Adam and Leo managed to put up.

HALLOWEEN Every year, our block closes for a Halloween block party and every house tries its best to have the spookiest decorations – there are spider webs at each set of steps, coffins, huge spiders and lots of ghosts hanging from the webs. Pumpkins are everywhere. The neighborhood kids all get dressed up for trick or treat. We have a sheep costume and a set of morph suits - but we love giving out treats. Growing up, it was Debbie’s favorite day and she sometimes used to dress up very creatively, using a metal colander for a crown when she was a princess, for instance. (Or not so creatively, using a white sheet to be a ghost outfit.)

We plan to have elaborate Halloweens in the tradition of Debbie’s grandmother who also loved the holiday and would dress up like a scary witch each year. We can’t wait to have a child to share in these fun activities. Debbie is already imagining costumes for a little boy or girl!

EASTER We usually spend time each Spring with Debbie’s stepmother, Rosalyn, her step-aunt, also named Debbie, and their nieces and nephews and great nieces and great nephews. There are so many of us that we have to use a huge community room in the apartment building in Maryland where Aunt Debbie and Rosalyn now live. Rosalyn and Debbie have been known to take their grandchildren or great-nieces and nephews to the aquarium, and to museums, too. Debbie’s father loved the holidays at this time of year. Sadly, he left us too soon. But we are still close to Ros and Debbie and talk at least once a week.

CHRISTMAS We get together with our nieces and nephews and godchildren for the holidays. We also gather with Ted’s family at his sister’s each December, and are usually joined by his uncle Gabe, aunt Cindy and cousin Marina. We do a Secret Santa thing where we each pick a person’s name in advance, and we have to get gifts that are thoughtful but inexpensive. One year, Debbie got a pair of pink pig mittens that she still wears. The kids always get other gifts, too – books, toys – and we all ooh and aah as they open the gifts. The real gift, of course, is just being together. We sing songs and eat homemade cookies and pie (Ted’s lemon cake is always a hit). It is a lot of fun to see everyone and everyone is in good cheer.

We all love good stories and jokes. (In fact, Ted’s sister and father have each written books and always have a good tale. Sometimes, we make up a story by each adding a few words as we go around the table. “I Spy” is also a favorite game.)

“They always seem to work as a team and their calmness seems to rub off on any kid around them.”

"They are both warm and kind with a sense of whimsy than enchants my kids.”

“They love to play games with my kids and treat them with respect and kindness.”

“They place great importance on education and always ask about their grades and music lessons.”

“Ted and Debbie are compassionate and engaging friends.”

We promise that your child will always know their entire life story, beginning with you and your selfless love for them.

We hope to raise a child surrounded with unconditional love and support as they head out into the world. We will treat this child with respect and kindness, and we will always be good role models.

We hope this has helped you to learn about us and the kind of life we would be honored to offer your child. We would be thrilled to learn more about you and your dreams and aspirations for your child. Whatever decision you make, we wish you peace and comfort.

“They always seem to work as a team and their calmness seems to rub off on any kid around them.”

"They are both warm and kind with a sense of whimsy than enchants my kids.”

“They love to play games with my kids and treat them with respect and kindness.”

“They place great importance on education and always ask about their grades and music lessons.”

“Ted and Debbie are compassionate and engaging friends.”

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