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Another wedding

My eldest cousin on Mom’s side, A, had a small, intimate, lovely wedding. She was absolutely radiant! It was wonderful to see her so happy.
The small ceremony was held at the church where her husband, E, grew up; the reception was at a park. There had been rumors of rain, but the entire day was clear and mild, and we all spent most of it outside.
A was born when I was ... fifteen, if I remember correctly. Until then, my siblings and I had been the only grandkids. It was tons of fun - I was old enough to appreciate how flipping cute that baby/toddler/young child was, and she was untainted enough to think I was cool. That lasted until A was in middle school; one day her family came to visit and I sat the kids down to watch Honey, I Shrunk The Kids because they (my sister L included) had never heard of it. They all giggled, gasped and stared blankly in turns, and at the end A turned to me and asked, “How old ARE you, anyway?!?”
Those old 90’s movies, man. Cool-killers, all of them.

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