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Another wedding

My eldest cousin on Mom’s side, A, had a small, intimate, lovely wedding. She was absolutely radiant! It was wonderful to see her so happy. The small ceremony was held at the church where her husband, E, grew up; the reception was at a park. There had been rumors of rain, but the entire day was clear and mild, and we all spent most of it outside. A was born when I was ... fifteen, if I remember correctly. Until then, my siblings and I had been the only grandkids. It was tons of fun - I was old enough to appreciate Read more »

Hometown Concert

On Friday night my family went back to the little town where I grew up. My best hometown friend, A, organizes an annual benefit concert for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and it’s fun to go see everyone. A’s dad decided in his fifties to start a garage band, and they got good enough to go perform in bars, Read more »


I was blessed to attend a friend’s second-wedding-vowel-renewal yesterday. It was a beautiful day, in a beautiful location, with a few old friends and a few new. M’s family is beautiful, too: blended, with all seven kids (five grown and flown) there for the celebration. M and her husband wanted to have a Read more »


My family was invited to our former neighbors’ Quinceanera. It was really interesting, and beautiful. Soy comprende un poco Espanol, so I had some idea how utterly out of my depth I was! I’m pretty sure I caught the gist of the live songs - though not the faster, pre-recorded ones - and was really grateful to be Read more »

Pineapple update

The pineapple top my customer gave me has sprouted little roots, and I planted it in a large pot today. The goal is for it to spend the summer on the deck, soaking up the heat and humidity, and then survive when I bring it back inside for the winter. Here’s hoping I can keep Eli from eating it. She loves live Read more »

Happy Mothers’ Day

I have such mixed emotions about Mothers’ Day; I’ve always wanted to be a mom but am sterile, and it’s been a lot of years since that didn’t hurt. I love my mom and grateful for the excuse to celebrate her; love a lot of other moms and enjoy celebrating them. I can’t begin to understand what Read more »

The plum trees are in!

The local sale opened at 10am a couple Saturdays ago, and I was there at 10:12 ... and they’d sold out of their wild plum trees. I was both impressed and dismayed! But I was able to place an order for two, and after nearly a week of misadventures with FedEx, my trees have arrived. During my research phase I discovered Read more »

Celebrating Adoption Day

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of when my younger sister’s adoption was finalized. I’m feeling sappy and nostalgic. She was so little when she came home; so energetic and curious; so desperate for love and guidance. She was afraid of both loud noises and silence, and she hadn’t been taught many words - Read more »

The neighbors’ new puppy

The neighbors two backyards down recently got a white Retriever puppy, named Reggie. He goes to Max’s to play pretty regularly, and yesterday Rosie had the chance to join them. The back yards are becoming a veritable dog park! Read more »

Puppy playdate

Penny got to come over and play! She and Rosie ran circles around each other - and me - until they dropped. Read more »

Weekend Plans

The locals are turning the big park into an arboretum - adding signs to label all of the trees. To pay for the signs, they’re having a tree sale, bringing in saplings from several nurseries. According to the website, they’ll have wild plum saplings. I’ve been looking for wild plums for a year: having been Read more »

To grow a pineapple

Yesterday at work, one of my regulars twisted the top off of his pineapple while telling me how he’d grown one after watching a YouTube video. He said it’s fun and I should try it ... and gave me his top! He did reveal that his was doing great until he planted it in the back yard. In Wisconsin. It was summer, but Read more »

Happy Easter!

Do you have a favorite Easter song? Mine is “In Christ Alone” by Geoff Moore and Adrienne Liesching. Read more »

New shampoo

I am forever trying different kinds of shampoo, because I have a sensitive scalp and have to switch off what I use. It’s been a year or so since I used the John Frieda brand, and this new recipe was on sale, so I grabbed it. It is apparently color-depositing, as it has tinged my palms and fingers BLUE. I’m Read more »

It’s alive!

It snowed yesterday, and is expected to snow again tomorrow. But today the sun is shining, and my first bulbs bloomed. Read more »

Out like a lion

March came in like a lamb, sunny and 70 degrees, like Mother Nature was holding out a bouquet and saying, “Here you go, Darlings.” Overnight, she had a revelation: this is Wisconsin. Since then, it has been cloudy and rainy, and the temperature swings between 30 and 55 degrees; mostly on the lower end. I’m Read more »

Fighting temptation

The baby chicks have arrived at the hardware store in town, and they’re so, so cute. There’s a little brown one with perfect chipmunk stripes running from head to tailfeathers, and a yellow one that is adorably even littler than the others, who climbed into the little feeding container and momentarily got stuck. Read more »

Raised Bed garden plans

One of our neighbors is going to help us build a raised-bed space for the backyard vegetable garden. At the moment, we have several wooden pallets that we’re going to dismantle and re-shape into a big box. I’m going to see what I can do with the nail-removing end of a hammer; if that doesn’t work, our Read more »

Fool’s Spring

We’ve started cleaning up the yard! I desperately want to start planting flowers but, having lived in Wisconsin most of my life, I know better. It’ll definitely freeze again soon, and probably snow. I used to complain every year that it always snowed on my birthday (first week of April). Sometimes only a few Read more »

Learning ASL

Every Sunday I sit a few rows back from the stage, with a direct line-of-sight to the Sign Language interpreter. I’ve always loved ASL, and have for years been slowly, steadily learning the language. My church has three interpreters who take turns and fill in for one another; all three are kind, intelligent women who Read more »

Farmer’s Market

On days like this - currently 8 degrees fahrenheit, with a windchill of -9 - I’m grateful that the local farmer’s market has an indoor venue over the winter. The organizers and vendors are brilliant, dedicated folks, and it’s been really fun to get to know them. Today the plan is to pick up some homemade Read more »

Never underestimate the fury of a kitty scorned.

My little gray tabby, Eli, has always been a sweet, gentle soul. Even as a kitten, she would never deliberately bite or scratch anyone. In play, she’d attack my hand or foot, open her mouth, and start licking. I always joked that she wanted to be fierce, but was just too sweet to pull it off. She never bit or even Read more »

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