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Preparing for a baby

Since starting the adoption process, we have hesitated to set up a nursery and fully prepare our space for a baby. Perhaps the hesitation stemmed from superstition, not wanting to “jump the gun,” or just to protect ourselves emotionally- we fully understand we may have a long and winding road ahead in our adoption journey.

Recently, we had a call that we thought may be “it” for us. There was a birth mother, due any day, interested in us to adopt her baby. We’ll start by saying that this story did not end in an adoption. However, it really got us thinking about the next time this call does come, and when it really may be “it” for us. The call made us realize how ready we are mentally and emotionally for this adoption. However, in the midst of all of the excitement (and we can’t deny anxiety) we were feeling to welcome a baby into our home, we regretted not having a nursery and space fully ready for a baby. Sure- we had everything we needed for the first few weeks with a newborn (diapers, car seat, bottles, stroller, bassinet, etc.). We had a designated room for the nursery. But we had not “nested” and the nursery was by no means finished and ready. We had always figured when an expectant mother selects us, or a baby arrives, we can begin our nesting then. If the baby was already born or on the way, we would make due with the necessities we had for the first few weeks, and “Amazon order as we go.”

After our recent experience, we have realized that there will be so many things we are so excited, as well as nervous, about with bringing home a newborn and navigating a new adoption.  The last thing we want to be consumed by is purchasing and decorating. Even if it means putting ourselves in a vulnerable place right now- if setting up a nursery means a few less Amazon searches and Target runs, and a few more minutes to focus on the baby, our relationship with the birth family, and enjoy precious moments…. That is what matters most to us.

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Ken and Brenna

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