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Adopting and Pro-Choice

This is a political post, and may not appeal to everyone. However, we value transparency, and if our beliefs do not align with yours, we think that is okay. It is probably better for us to know that now than to learn it later.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is weighing heavily on us right now. We are a pro-choice family. We are pursuing adoption to start out family. However, we do not believe that adoption is an alternative to abortion. We do not believe any person should have to carry to term a pregnancy they don’t want to. We believe adoption and abortion are two very different roads and choices for a person to make (or what we believe should be choices). We firmly believe that every person who makes these difficult choices is doing so with the best intention. And only they know and can say what is best for them and their family.

With love,
Brenna and Ken

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Ken and Brenna

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Ken and Brenna