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Adopting and Pro-Choice

This is a political post, and may not appeal to everyone. However, we value transparency, and if our beliefs do not align with yours, we think that is okay. It is probably better for us to know that now than to learn it later. The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is weighing heavily on us right now. We are a pro-choice family. We are pursuing adoption to start out family. However, we do not believe that adoption is an alternative to abortion. We do not believe any person should have to carry to Read more »

6 Year Wedding Anniversary

We got married on 6-18-2016, so yesterday we celebrated 6 years of marriage! We celebrated with a nice dinner at one of our favorite little Italian restaurants. We enjoyed the day just sitting out in the sunshine listening to music. Brenna received a bouquet of hydrangeas (our wedding flower, and her favorite flower) in a Read more »

Spring projects

We have been busy these past few weeks with Spring projects! Last weekend we went to the flower market and picked up some beautiful flowers for our front. We also planted our summer herb garden, lettuce, and tomatoes. There really is nothing better than fresh herbs from the garden for cooking! We have also been working on Read more »

“Grandpa” is 1 year cancer free!

Brenna speaking here- my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in late 2020. But don’t worry… this is a happy post! He was able to get fantastic care at our local medical center, including being enrolled in a clinical trial for an experimental cancer treatment drug. 1 year following treatment we are SO HAPPY to Read more »

Preparing for a baby

Since starting the adoption process, we have hesitated to set up a nursery and fully prepare our space for a baby. Perhaps the hesitation stemmed from superstition, not wanting to “jump the gun,” or just to protect ourselves emotionally- we fully understand we may have a long and winding road ahead in our adoption Read more »

Our Hope for You, Considering Adoption

You may be pregnant and considering your options right now. We can’t begin to understand all that may be on your plate and the emotions you are or are not experiencing. We want you to know that we are a pro-choice couple. We believe that only you know what is best and what will work for you. Here are some of our Read more »

How we hope to raise a child…

We have always wanted to have a child together, and are looking so forward to this next chapter. Eventually we imagine having two children, but will start with one first! We do believe we have a beautiful life to offer a child. We have been fortunate to be able to establish a beautiful home and a loving relationship to bring Read more »

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Ken and Brenna

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