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Our Story

We met in 2012. Ken had just moved to South Florida for his post-doc, which happened to be in the same clinic Brenna worked in during graduate school. We connected almost immediately and have been together since. This is why we both happen to be pediatric psychologists (and likely always have and always will work together). In 2015 we were able to both get wonderful jobs at a medical center in Rochester, NY. We were happy to settle in Rochester, as Brenna is from the area and we are closer to some family and friends. We got married in 2016 in the Finger Lakes (a special place to us), and bought our home together in Rochester in 2018.

One thing we feel most proud about is the strong relationship and marriage we have built together. We hope this will serve as a solid foundation for children and a future family. Ultimately, we both really respect and value one another. We really are best friends. We even survived a lock down and pandemic together without getting sick of each other!

We’d say we are a “modern” family. Ken has two (now adult — hard to believe!) children, Noelle and Micah, who live in Maine and visit regularly for holidays and vacation. We really value the traditions we have established, and can’t wait to continue these traditions and create new ones with a child. One of our favorite times of year is hosting family for Thanksgiving, and then “making” our family trek for miles for the perfect Christmas tree (think National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)!

Perhaps our most valued time and memories are from our trips and travel together. We have been very fortunate to travel to many wonderful places, and hope we can continue these memories with a growing family. We also love our home, and exploring and enjoying the lakes and nature that surrounds us.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We settled in Rochester, New York, in 2015. Brenna grew up in a small town in upstate NY and we were happy to move to the area to be closer to some family and friends. At first, we really didn’t think much of Rochester (especially coming from warm and sunny Florida!) but we have grown to love this little city and our community!

We love going downtown and visiting the shops, cafes, farmers markets, and restaurants. But perhaps our favorite part of Rochester is the beautiful nature that surrounds it. We love finding new trails to hike on — to be honest though, we are probably more “trail strollers” than serious hikers.

Our absolute favorite part of where we live is that we are only a few minutes from some beautiful beaches of Lake Ontario, where we visit throughout the seasons. We both love the beach! Brenna’s parents also live on Canandaigua Lake, where we love spending time in the summer, and can’t wait to bring a child someday.

We have taken great joy in making our old house into a warm and welcoming home. Our home is located in a quaint neighborhood outside of the city. We live on a beautiful tree-lined, lamp-lit street. Our neighborhood is very family friendly. In fact, our street is famous for its over-the-top Halloween decorations. We look forward to decorating and our 1500+ trick-or-treaters every year for Halloween (we were warned when we moved in, and it really is insane — and we absolutely love it!).

We get pretty into decorating our home for all holidays and seasons. In the summer, we love hanging out in our backyard by our pool and grilling outside every evening the weather allows. Behind our backyard is a walking path that leads to the neighborhood elementary school and a brand new playground. During the long Rochester winters, we love nothing more than to cozy up with our dog Fred, heat some tea, light some candles, and relax by our fireplace.


adoptive family photo - Brenna —as written by Ken

“I think the number one thing that makes Brenna, Brenna is her big heart. She is a very compassionate person, always wanting to help and stand up for those who may need it. She is a lover of all animals, big and small. She is an even bigger lover of children. She is very passionate about the work she does helping children with special needs. Brenna will always go the extra mile to care for those closest to her. She is a natural nurturer. One of her favorite things is hosting family or close friends and cooking/baking for them; she is an amazing cook, and I am happy to be her assistant (it is better for everyone that way)!

Brenna also has a playful and silly side to her, which brings a lot of life to our home. She is always up for trying new things and visiting new places, and loves looking for a new travel spot or planning a weekend adventure. Like me, she loves being outside and near water. However, she is also a big fan of pajamas and a comfy couch with a snuggly dog. Despite her brains, she loves indulging in mindless reality television (and sometimes I get sucked in too).

When Brenna is with children, you can see she is in her natural element. Her ability to care for children of all ages and abilities gives me great confidence in how she will be as mom. She seems to have a special ability to communicate with and understand children and their needs. She is tender, nurturing, and patient with children. She can also be very fun and vibrant in her interactions with children, and has a special ability to make kids laugh. As a parent, I know she will be present and attentive, and will help me to do the same. I have no doubt watching Brenna as a mother will be one of the greatest joys of my life.”


adoptive family photo - Ken —as written by Brenna

“If I had to pick one word to describe Ken, it would be ‘Kind’. Ken has a very gentle, laid-back, and calming demeanor. He is extremely patient. My family always asks me questions like ‘does Ken ever get rattled??’ He does — but only I can probably tell when he is! These traits make Ken perfect for what he does for a living.

Ken is a pediatric psychologist. He works with kids with special needs, such as autism. He mostly helps kids and families who are struggling to manage their child’s behavior. He is so passionate about this work and helping these kids and families. These traits also make Ken a fantastic father to his two (now adult) children, Micah and Noelle. He loves his kids SO much. If you talk to him about them, he will most likely tear up instantly with love. Despite being long-distance, he has always prioritized maintaining a closeness with his kids. As they have grown into young adults, I see the special and unique relationship Ken has forged with each of them.

I know Ken will be a fantastic father to a new baby. For starters, he already is a dad, and I see every day how much he loves and cares about his children. He is the soft and kind-hearted father I always wanted for my children. He is such a natural with kids, with so much patience, flexibility, and a good sense of humor. He really does light up when he is with children. I know he will be an equal caregiver. He is looking so forward to having the opportunity to raise a child again, and I know he intends to cherish it.

In his free time, Ken enjoys relaxing and spending time outdoors while listening to music. He loves water — pools, lakes, oceans — any kind. His ideal day is a day outside at a beach with family. Ken also likes going for walks with our dog, Fred, and running. I think he actually enjoys yard and house work too (?), and usually has some project going on. He is also a big movie buff and is always trying to get me to go to the movies or rent something with him — usually I leave that up to Fred (our dog) and Micah (his son)!”

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Ken and Brenna

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