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Vinny and I met the new “good old fashioned way” online. I read Vinny’s profile and I instantly liked what he said about families and relationships. I sent hi an email and he ignored me. I knew Vinny was a good guy so I sent him another email and the rest is history. Our first date was at a very good Italian restaurant halfway between where we both lived. Vinny waited in the freezing cold weather for two hours so that when I showed up I wouldn’t have to wait in the cold. The food was delicious, Vinny got his “Veal Franchaise” and we had lots of good conversation. It was such a good date neither of us wanted it to end.

When we met we knew early on that we were meant to be a “WE” and fairly soon after we got married. We love spending time together with our one year old sweet and gentle Chocolate Lab named Coco. She is wonderful with kids. We enjoy playing ball with Coco and taking her for walks, which by the way is a wonderful way to meet your neighbors. It’s very important to us to have dinner together each night. We took Italian lessons this Spring and had a lot of fun with Zoom school. Maybe we will take a family vacation to Italy and practice what we learned with your child? A special night for us is Friday night or as we like to call it diner night. We bought our house three years ago. A lot of Vinny’s spare time is spent on home renovations. I like to pick the project and Vinny makes my dreams come true. He has painted each room, remodeled the fireplace, tiled a new bathroom in addition to lots of other things. Will Vinny’s next project be redoing one of the extra bedrooms for your son or daughter? We also like to take vacations. Each year we take a trip, this year we went to The Bahamas and we can wait to travel fun places as a family!!!
When Vinny wants to relax he loves to play video games. He would enjoy playing games with a child. His favorite thing too is to camp. He would love to set up a tent outside and make s’mores and sleep under the stars. Vinny learned to do all the handy housework from his dad. He would enjoy having a little helper to share these memories with. He likes going to football and baseball games with his nephews and would like to do this with a son or daughter of his own. He enjoys spending time with his brother, Nicky, and with Cousin John and Little John has helped Nicky renovate his Mustang.

I have spent a lot of time learning to cook. My best dish is definitely roast beef. I enjoy baking in my free time and I like to bring what I bake to our nephews Vinny and Tommy. They are my best taste testers. I can always count on their honest opinions.
I also like to exercise which helps me lead a healthy lifestyle. I can picture myself power walking while pushing a baby carriage. I love to work on needlepoint and would love to make one especially for a baby’s room. I love to read which is something that I learned as a child when I was always surrounded by books. My mother loved to read to me and I look forward to instilling the love of reading that I got from her in a child. I meet friends for dinner. I look forward to having my friends with babies come over with their children to get to know your child. Sunday Dinners are always family dinners. We always enjoy going to families house for dinner like Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy or just inviting Sal over for dinner. It’s nice to set aside time like these.
Vinny and I always knew we wanted to have a family. Vinny is very involved with our nephews – yes his brothers and their wives all had boys, not a girl in sight. We have five nephews Andrew, Anthony, Nicky, Vinny and Tommy. They range in age from 19 to 6. I truly believe that Vinny is the “favorite” uncle. I can’t think of anything he wouldn’t do for them. I know how much love Vinny has in his heart and know he would be a terrific dad.
Vinny and I have struggled with infertility. We always assumed we would become parents and devote our lives to raising children. When we realized that was not going to be possible on our own, we realized we don’t have to have a biological connection to a child to love him or her. We have so much love in our hearts and we want to share it with a child. Adoption is something we are very comfortable with and is already so wonderful and important in our family. Vinny’s mom and uncle were adopted. His aunt adopted two children. Our sister-in- law Val is adopted. All of them have told us how they had wonderful experiences growing up and give immense credit to their biological mothers for wanting good lives for them. Everyone in our family has very positive feelings about adoption and are ready to embrace your child as a chosen child.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have an ideal lifestyle to raise a child. We live in a cozy colonial house in a residential neighborhood. There are two young couples on our block who had babies this past year –McKenzie and Super Mario. Your child would be growing up with children around his/her age. The schools are excellent, and our town has a nice downtown with lots of family friendly activities. There is an indoor play area for little kids, two art studios, a karate studio, dance studios, a bowling alley and lots of family friendly restaurants. On St. Patrick’s Day there is a big parade in town and on the fourth of July every year there are fireworks in a nearby park. You always see kids out playing basketball and riding their bikes.


adoptive family photo - Meredith .Vinny says, What I Like About Meredith
Meredith is the most caring and thoughtful person and is always thinking how to make people happy. She pays attention to all of the details that most people forget about. If you casually mention something that you want for Christmas in July it will turn up under the Christmas tree on December 25 . She is a teacher and is very passionate about education.
She might be responsible and practical but she’s also a lot of fun. She says funny things usually with a straight face. She likes to try new adventures and when we went to Myrtle Beach she went paragliding ----- without me I might add. Oh, and I never have to worry when I buy her something as any color will do, as long as it’s pink! Meredith will totally open her heart, completely get to know your child and really care about his or her interests. If your child likes a video game you can be sure he or she will have a birthday party with those characters as the theme. If your child likes horses, you can be sure that Meredith will find horseback riding lessons for him/her. She is good at getting to know what makes people tick and is especially good at understanding why children behave the way they do. This attribute helps make her a wonderful teacher. It will be very helpful when dealing with a child. She will always put the child’s needs and interests first.


adoptive family photo - Vinny Meredith says, What I Like About Vinny
I can honestly say that Vinny is a really good person with a big heart. Everyone says so. During college when many of his friends were having fun on weekends he helped run the family ice cream store. He ensured that Nicky and Steven had opportunities at college that he didn’t have. Early on in our relationship we were on our way home from a wedding. We saw a woman in a car stranded on the side of a dark road. Most people would have kept driving but not Vinny. He insisted that we stop to see if we could help her. We waited with her until AAA arrived to assist her. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for the children in his life. When his nephew Vinny slept over he ran to McDonald’s in the morning to get him his favorite pancakes. When Tom’s daughter Nora was born Vinny ran straight to Toy R Us and bought the biggest pink teddy bear he could find !!! One time we were at dinner with his friend and his daughter Alexa. Alexa asked Vinny to go up to the ice cream case wearing her Jojo bow. Vinny did it (of course) which made her very happy. Now that Andrew and Little Anthony are teenagers Uncle Vinny is the first one they call when they need life advice. As you can see, Vinny is very comfortable around children and kids love him. When his father was dying Vinny was always the first one called. Everyone loves Vinny. The world would be a better place if there were more Vinnys in it.

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