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We met back in 2015 through an on-line dating site. I still remember the first picture I saw of Pete, it was of just his face. That beard scared me a little, I will be honest but those eyelashes drew me in. We started dating for a little over a year before we moved in together.

We got engaged by the end of 2016 right before Christmas and we married each other on the October 21, 2017 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

We have a wonderful life together, we have 4 cats, two we actually brought home from Greece when we went on our honeymoon in 2017. We consider all of them our little angles.

We know that the one thing we both want (including our fur babies), not want but more of a need is a little one to fill our home with love, light and laughter.

Our Home

Being Parents is what we are meant to be, if we are lucky enough to be chosen by you.

Our child will grow up in surrounded by love and laughter. We will be there for them no matter what, always letting them know that and feel that as well. Actions speak louder than words.

Lisa & Pete

Communication is the most important part of our marriage. Laughing I think is second to that. Being there to support each other through the best times and the worst of times, knowing that no matter what I am there for him and he is there for me.

This site asks what traits I think would make me a great parent, I think the amount of love I have in my heart for our future child is what will make me a great parent. I can't give you a list, I don't think a list is what you are looking for. If it is, I will give that to you but just know our child/your amazing gift to us will be loved more than you can imagine.


I am someone who was raised with very strong family values . Family first . I am a very hard working guy , yet I always know how to have fun . I love making my niece's and nephew's laugh . And look forward to the time I can do the same with our child.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Peter & Lisa

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Peter & Lisa