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Q & A’s about Us!

While going through this journey we know our vulnerability will only help in the first steps of getting to know one another!

To the expectant mamas: The placement of your child is the most important decision you will make and we don’t take your experience likely, so this diary entry is to help you understand who we are, more in depth as a family, and the morals/values we are passing down to freya and any baby that comes to us.

Kind of a Q & A about us :) and the answers we would want to know making the incredible decision you might be making in choosing us to place your child with- so each week we’ll be posting an entry with a different Question and our honest answers

let’s get started!

Q: Is it difficult being a same-sex family? How would you integrate my child into your family unit ?:

A: The answer is simple, we are just like every other family in the cul de sac. Just two incredible women raising children to know that blended families are just as real, special and important. We live in an incredibly progressive part of New York as to make sure we give our children the world. Freya knows we are Mommy and Mama. She knows Mama goes to work and waits by the door everyday for her return and Mommy stays home with her learning ABC’s, numbers, and currently the life cycle of the butterfly. 10 Butterflies have just hatched and we’ll be setting them free in a few days!

Most importantly she knows she is loved endlessly. As will any baby we are blessed to raise.

Being LGBTQ isn’t just waiving a rainbow flag, it’s what has molded us into the strong women we are today. It means we fight for what we believe in and thats L O V E. love. Even going through the process of starting a family as a same sex couple, it has honestly taught both heather and myself that being humble and thankful for each day we have together is the most important thing. That being inclusive to family units and teaching children inclusivity in the home only leads to success. That word means so much more than just same sex families. It’s the child whose grandmother raises them, or the child with a single mom in the class, and the amazing mamas and daddies out their living life surrounded by dance recitals, playdates and pre-school, just as we are.

As a family we want to stress that we have nothing but COMPLETE familial and peer support so all we do together is create lifelong memories. There would never be a day at home where we would lie to your child about who their parents are, and if there ever were instances of homophobia because that’s of course I’m sure in the back of your head too. We would absolutely face them accordingly, i can promise you that. You now have not one but TWO mama bears!!

As far as integration, Your child is our child from the second YOU make that decision. We have had a child and lost a child, so we don’t ever take one moment in this life for granted. With that said, your child would come home with us to a beautiful nursery that will be their bedroom growing up and meet a HUGE family with nothing but endless love waiting for them. Especially, from their big sister will be their biggest fan.

We want you to know we talk about the hard stuff, so if you have any further questions on this, we’re here to talk and work out anything together.

Please feel free to reach out to us in any way, we look forward to hearing from you <3

Christen & Heather

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Christen & Heather (and Freya)