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Q and A: Will the baby(ies) know they’re adopted?

and it will be honored on their adoption anniversary (Gotcha Day!) just like their birthday will be each year!

Fun Fact: We even do this with our daughter Freya because Heather technically had to adopt her because she is my biological child with a 3rd party donor!

We will honor all of our children and their stories as each person is unique. As parents we don’t want to teach “perfect” to what society thinks is a family or even a person in general should be. Teaching that not always conforming and being “different” from the cookie cutter molds are what make life beautiful.

So here are some things we’ll be doing to honor the incredible sacrifice of our expectant mama, but also the story of how the baby came to us!

1. So one thing we actually want to ask from our expectant mama, is for her to build a photo album or scrap book for the baby, for us to bring out each year to start their first tradition.

2. From the very beginning of their lives we’ll be reading age appropriate literature on adoption to teach that it’s a beautiful journey, and one that they can connect with!

3. As adoptive parents we’ll also be documenting every part of our journey as we did for Freya, so the baby has video/ journaling to look at as they grow and to have when they’re older for their children!

Heather and I feel that the knowledge of how the baby came to us as they grow will only help them to become the best versions of themselves. We would never want to blind side them and not tell them or not answer questions or make it an uncomfortable conversation. We promise to be open with our child at all age appropriate levels.

We hope that this entry helped any expectant mother get to know us a little more and to have at least one of the many questions you may have about our family answered!

- Christen

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Christen & Heather (and Freya)