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Q and A: Will the baby(ies) know they’re adopted?

ABSOLUTELY THEY WILL! and it will be honored on their adoption anniversary (Gotcha Day!) just like their birthday will be each year! Fun Fact: We even do this with our daughter Freya because Heather technically had to adopt her because she is my biological child with a 3rd party donor! We will honor all of our children and their stories as each person is unique. As parents we don’t want to teach “perfect” to what society thinks is a family or even a person in general should be. Teaching that not always Read more »

Q & A’s about Us!

While going through this journey we know our vulnerability will only help in the first steps of getting to know one another! To the expectant mamas: The placement of your child is the most important decision you will make and we don’t take your experience likely, so this diary entry is to help you understand who we Read more »

Why Adoption?

Here are a few reasons why we decided to grow our family through adoption :) Since Heather and I started dating we have always been on the same page about how and when we would plan on building the family of our dreams, and adopting a newborn has always been in our plan. There have been so many factors that have brought our Read more »

About This Diary

Welcome to our Adoption Diary: Here is a place you can get to know us a little better

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Christen & Heather (and Freya)

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Christen & Heather (and Freya)