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Our Story

10 years ago fate brought us to physically walk right into each other and the rest is 3 dogs, a beautiful home, an amazing toddler and now the dream of expanding our family through adoption.

From the moment we met we just clicked, we were drawn to each other and we've been laughing ever since. Life is worth living because we fit perfectly in the places the other lacks, and as one we are whole.

Our life together is everything we could've dreamt of, and more because we believe in one another. We push each other to be the best versions of ourselves and we love each other more each day. When we talk we actually listen, we work through hard times as one not separately and we live up to the vows we promised each other every day.

Family is the most important thing to both of us. Not just our immediate family but our blended family of heathers and mine that brought a MASSIVE group of people together through love. Holidays are our favorite, our home is always decorated no matter what holiday and the door is always open to our chosen family and the house always smells like italian food.

Summers are spent in our pool, bbqing with the family every weekend - Winters are snuggled up on the couch, and playing in the snow -- Autumn we're at the pumpkin patch and baking apple pies --and the Spring is for planting veggies in the garden and going on easter egg hunts with all of our best friends and their families.

Love and Support from our family have been the two main reasons why our love has had the opportunity to thrive the way it does. So our job is love our child and every child we are blessed to call ours as unconditionally as we have been loved.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in New York just 30 minutes outside the Big Apple!

We just recently purchased our forever home, and it's the perfect location between both of our very large families to be together frequently. It's so rewarding to have both sides be as involved with our children growing up as possible. Children's gyms, a 9 out of 10 for the scholastic rating from pre-k to high school and low crime rate; our home is perfect for raising a family.

The joke is that our house is the "Holiday Hub." Every single holiday is hosted in our home, as well as we pick 1 holiday outside our religion to appreciate and experience cultural diversity. It's SO much fun!


adoptive family photo - Heather Meet Mama Heather. she is the creative entrepreneur and working mama in our family. She supports us not only financially but through unconditional love. There is literally nothing she won't do for Christen as a partner, for Freya as a mother, and the fur babies as well.. a fur mama!

Heather is a calm, protective and hysterically funny parent. She is the rock of our family through and through; loved by everyone and is the biggest teddy bear you'll ever meet. She always says that she never imagined she could've loved Freya as much as she did from the second she held her first in the delivery room.

Mama Quote:
"She is my daughter, i didn't have to give birth to her she is my baby and i will provide and protect her until the day i die"

Fun fact: even though we are legally married Heather adopted freya shortly after she was born. We cheered with the judge with all our loved ones around us as she signed the papers and became Freya's second legal guardian


adoptive family photo - Christen Meet Mommy Christen! Christen is the stay at home mom of the family and has devoted her life to raising Freya and every baby in our blended family that will come to us in the future.

She is the full time coco-melon singer, the teacher, the chef, the family calendar, the decorator, etc. -- all while having a smile on her face. She was born to be a mother and loves every single second of it.

Christen is the type A, warm hearted, empath that always is prepared when you need something. Whether it's something as small as a tweezer or a pair of socks; her "Mary Poppins" bag" never fails in an emergency! She is the perfect match for Heather, and vice versa.

Mommy Quote:
I have always wanted to be a mother, since i was young. My mother and i have such an amazing bond, i couldn't wait to have the opportunity to pass down the lessons she taught me to the next generation. Personally, My godmother adopted my cousin through the same adoption consultant we are using so it just feels meant to be!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Christen & Heather (and Freya)

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Christen & Heather (and Freya)