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Easter was last weekend and we are finally settling back into normal after an extended break from school and work ( for everyone but mom anyway :)  ). The girls both had an extra long weekend and thanks to seths amazing employing hospital he was able to take a few days off as well. We had family in town so the girls got to see ALL their cousins in one weekend. We love their developing relationships so much! Easter is probably my favorite holiday.  It centers around the absolutely precious gift of Jesus’ Read more »


We just got back from a family trip to Disney World! We had the best time and just wanted to share a wuick photo here. We talked alot about how fun it would be to come back in a few years with another little one or two to share in the magic! Read more »

Why are we adopting?

Why are you adopting? We get this question alot! The answer isnt so simple. This process started for us about 11 years ago when Seth and I got engaged and began talking about how we would grow our family. You see, my mom was adopted as an infant and adopting was something i planned to do whether or not i ever got married! Read more »

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