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Not to vent, but today’s been a frustrating day. It started with trying to manage an uncommunicative doctor whom we’ve been trying to speak to for a long time. It got so bad we had to have an intermediary step in and pressure him into doing his job. What really irks us is that within minutes of her intervening, he reached out to schedule a call, even though we’ve been trying to get ahold of him for months. To make matters worse, work has been rife with scammers and impersonators. Much of my work is Read more »

An Unexpected BBQ

We had a friend stop by to say hi, and very quickly our night turned into a fun bbq in the backyard. It was really nice to catch up with old friends, most of which just moved here from back east. Keisha and I love entertaining are are so grateful we can throw together a meal at the last second for exactly occasions like Read more »

Pizza Time

Knowing “the call” could come at any time, we’ve been busy finalizing all the little things around our home. After finally getting our laundry room together we took a break and did home made pizzas for dinner. As an Italian-American, Andrew grew up making them all the time, but Keisha introduced him to Read more »

Catching Up With Friends

This weekend was spent catching up with old friends. Friday night we had our friends Zachary and Anni over for some much needed catching up, and Saturday we discovered a new trail just north of us with our friends Anna and Adam. We capped the night off with some dinner and a Netflix documentary along with our friends Zachary Read more »

Beach Day

Instead of a hike this weekend, we headed to the beach. It was a friend’s birthday so we enjoyed some sun, dancing, and pizza while our feet soaked in the Pacific. It was a nice reminder for us to appreciate the simple things. We capped the afternoon off with some of the best donuts in Southern California. It was a Read more »

They Say Waiting is the Hardest Part. And They’re Flippin’ Right

I think the hardest part of this whole thing is the not knowing. Not knowing when our family will start. Not knowing if our entire lives will be upended next week, next month, next year… It can be hard to focus on things, especially when family/friends want to make plans down the road. “We should rent a cabin in Read more »

Hiking With Family

We’re very lucky to have some family in California and try to see them as often as we can. This weekend we hit the trails with Andrew’s cousin, Stacia, hiking over 4 miles and earning a nice lunch where we grabbed New York-style deli sandwiches. Read more »

First Dinner Out In a While

There’s a local restaurant called Barone’s that we’ve been meaning to hit since we moved last year, but never got to. Last year we noticed a production shoot there, and didn’t think much of it, but on Thursday we saw it featured in a tv show and knew we had to go. It was our first night out in months Read more »

Shoutout to my ancestors and can’t wait to hear about yours…

Check out this pic, it’s Dorothy and Alfred (Keisha’s paternal grandparents.) I never got a chance to meet them, they both died before I was born. I still feel their influence in my life. They lived in Kansas City, MO and raised six kids together. They had rent parties, party parties and loved their community. Read more »

Brunch and Things

This afternoon we had our friends Nick and Ana over for brunch along with their baby. We had a great time enjoying the sun in our backyard and playing with the baby. Tonight it’s back to work, as both Keisha and I are chasing writing deadlines. Read more »

Excited for this new journey with you!

In between zoom meetings it’s hard not to think about this adoption journey we’re on. I mean, if we’re honest it’s way more fun to think about the conversations we’ll be having one day with our future child. This definitely is a unique thing we’re doing and as someone who loves planning, Read more »

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