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Rob is from Provo, Utah and I'm from Indio, California. We live in Utah. We met in 2007, when we attended the same congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We were just acquaintances.

In 2012, we both went on a Caribbean cruise with mutual single friends. We became fast friends and felt comfortable around each other. Memories from that cruise include shopping for an antique looking map together, playing with pet monkeys, standing on an outlet of land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, snorkeling, and eating lots of yummy food.

In every picture from the cruise, Rob stood next to me. Later he admitted that he did this on purpose because he was interested in me. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this and thought that he was interested in someone else. Fortunately, because I didn't notice, I was able to be myself around him.

After the cruise, Rob immediately called me for a date. I was surprised, but glad that he did because I missed his company. On our first date, Rob cooked dinner, we went to see Marvel's Avengers, and talked for a long time.

That summer we spent a lot of time together just talking and enjoying one another's company hiking Bridal Veil Falls, star gazing in the West Desert, swimming at Seven Peaks Waterpark, boating at Nebo Lake, and house boating with Rob's family at Lake Powell.

Before we started dating, Rob had decided to move to Hawaii for graduate school at the end of the summer. We knew that they wanted to be together and were talking about getting married, but Rob had already postponed graduate school once and couldn't postpone it again.

So, we began a long-distance relationship. We figured a long-distance relationship would be the ultimate test. Either it wouldn't last, or our relationship would become stronger. Luckily for is, our relationship became stronger as we talked for hours on the phone and I proofread all of Rob's papers for school.

When Rob returned for Christmas break, we were married in the Salt Lake City Latter-day Saint Temple. It was funny because Rob didn't tell his friends at school that he was getting married over the Christmas break. After the break, they wanted to know who I was and when he told them that I was his wife, they were all surprised!

We spent the next several years living in Hawaii on an extended honeymoon. While Rob went to school, I worked as a substitute teacher, a elementary school aid, and at the Girl Scouts of Hawai'i. In 2015, we moved back to Utah because Rob had finished school and we wanted to be closer to family. We loved our time in Hawaii and try to make it back every few years.

Over the years, we have had many highs and lows. Our biggest high has been purchasing our own home and traveling together. However, our biggest low has been failed pregnancies and failed IVF procedures. We both have siblings that we love so we have always imagined a family with several children. We hope to grow our family of 2 to a family of more through adoption!

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adoptive family photo - Rob Rob in Janelle's words:

Rob is very kind. He is always concerned about others and their feelings. I think it is this quality that led him to becoming a nurse/nurse practitioner. He is very personable. Whenever we travel, one of his favorite things to do is to talk to new people and make friends. He loves learning about others’ lives and experiences. At work, people really enjoy working with him and his coworkers become his friends.

One of the things that attracted me to Rob is his sense of humor. He is funny and makes people comfortable around him. His sense of humor often diffuses tough situations. For example, before we were married, he lived in Hawaii and I lived in Utah. There was a hurricane warning in Hawaii and I was really worried about him living across the street from the ocean. He sent me a picture of him wearing snorkel gear with a caption, “Don’t worry, I’m prepared.” He then drove to a church on higher ground to wait out the storm.

Another thing that attracted me to Rob is that he helps me to step outside of my comfort zone and do things that I normally wouldn’t do. Sometimes there are activities that look really fun, but I get inside my head and I freak myself out that something bad will happen. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have swam with nurse sharks and stingrays, learned how to snorkel, cliff jump at Lake Powell, water ski, or go down the highest waterslide in North America (135 ft.). More importantly, sometimes I get overwhelmed with doing things that have long term consequences in our lives. I do well with the day to day things, but he keeps me on track with the bigger picture.

Rob is always wanting to learn new things. He loves to read fiction, non-fiction, and the news. He is interested in the world and the events happening around him. Rob is always trying to learn new skills. Using YouTube, he has taught himself how to make vehicle repairs, frame our basement, install a sprinkler system, use the GoPro to make home videos, and other skills.

Rob is very conscious about becoming a better person and doing things to the best of his ability. He has a desire to continue growing spiritually and to continue improving his relationship with God. He enjoys serving others at church and outside of church. In church, he has served as a missionary, teacher, and secretary among other opportunities. Outside of church, he is always helping neighbors, friends, and family whether it is moving things, putting up Christmas lights, doing yard work, or other projects.

What Rob wants the most in his life is to have a good relationship with God, with me, and with his future children. He is looking forward to having children and sharing with them his talents and interests. Rob is genuinely a good person and I have no doubt that he will pass on his goodness to those children we will be blessed with in the future. I know that he will be a good dad and will help our future children navigate life and fulfill their potential.


adoptive family photo - Janelle Janelle in Rob's words:

When I first met and stared dating Janelle, I fell in love with her right away. She certainly had my attention by her looks, but as I got to know her she kept my attention because she is an incredible person. I found that my desire to be good to those around me increased. One of the characteristics that made me love her was her kind and easy going nature. She would go out of her way to treat everyone around her like they were the most important person in the world.

Janelle also has a rare ability to connect with children. When children are around her they feel extremely comfortable. I am blessed to have many nieces and nephews. They all gravitate toward her, especially the younger ones. She spends time painting the girls’ nails, doing their hair, and playing toy cars with the boys. One year, she spent hours painting “Y” on all of the kids’ faces before a BYU game! All my nieces and nephews like to have movie nights with their Aunt Janelle because she is so engaged with them individually.

Janelle is very easy going. She makes projects, vacations, chores enjoyable with her sweet nature. When I go vacation I like to have everything planed out so that we maximize our time. Many times, Janelle reminds me to pause and enjoy the moment. I think we make a great team because of her easy going and fun loving nature. For my work, we were able to visit Maui, Hawaii. While we were there I was trying to visit all the beaches and recommended areas. There was too much planned for the time that we had on the island. I was stressing out about missing out and she reminded me to slow down and enjoy our vacation. She suggested that we spend more time at the beach next to the hotel. It was such a simple thing, but it made all the difference. Our vacation was much more enjoyable!

Janelle loves reading and watching movies. Before we dated and married, I would go to 2-3 movies a year. She would watch many more movies. When she realized that going to movies was not as much of a priority for me, she asked what I would rather be doing. I told her that I enjoyed being outdoors. She suggested we spend time doing both. I love that she wants to be accommodating to everybody’s needs and most importantly loves making memories together. I have now found that I love watching movies more and she loves being outdoors. We have plans to continue doing these things in the future with our family.

For Janelle, the old saying “It’s the journey not the destination” is so true. It definitely describes her positive outlook on life!

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