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Our Story

We have been married for eight years. Our time together has enabled us to build a strong relationship based on faith, patience, and love. We are ready to share our love with your child and make parenting our top priority.

We always felt that adoption might be part of how we built our family. Then we got an infertility diagnosis, and we saw that as a sign. Amy comes from a large blended family with step- and half-siblings, which has shown us that love matters more than DNA.

We have so much to give: time, love, experience, family, community involvement, travel possibilities, learning--and fun! We will teach responsibility and a work ethic, but also make sure that your child has plenty of opportunities to have fun.

What makes us great as a couple is that our strengths and interests are different, but overlap. Our antique tractor is a great example of how that works. Larry is the one who actually uses the tractor (to mow our country acreage) and keeps it maintained. But Amy enjoys the tractor because of all the history involved. We have a lot of fun in the summer and early fall going to antique tractor shows. Amy has been paying attention to which shows have the best children's activities, to make sure your child will have fun going along with us.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a spacious two-story home in a tree-filled neighborhood with plenty of young kids nearby. A sunny bedroom upstairs is waiting for your child. For the first few years, we are going to turn our formal dining room into a playroom on the main floor. (We already eat most of our meals at the kitchen table, anyway.) Later on, there is room to make a play area in the basement.

We currently live in town but own 3 1/2 acres in the country a few miles away. We plan to build a garage/shop building where Larry can collect more tractors. We will also use the land for picnics and enjoying the woods with your child.

Neither of us grew up in the town where we live now, but we both think it's amazing. It's large enough to have recreation opportunities and an excellent mid-sized school district, but small enough for that hometown feeling. Things like gathering at the park for fireworks on the Fourth of July, and lining up along Second Street for the high school's Homecoming Parade. Your child will climb and swing at the train-themed park, swim at the local pool, go to story hour at the library, and play with neighborhood kids. Later on, there are also Scouts and plenty of sports teams.

We're also about 25 minutes away from a city of over 100,000, so we have other opportunities within reach. Your child will see animals at the zoo and wildlife park, do hands-on science and art at the city and children's museums, and learn about the stars at the planetarium.


adoptive family photo - Amy Amy is already staying at home helping us get ready to adopt. She enjoys homemaking, especially the fun stuff like baking. Amy is already collecting new recipes to try with your child.

But Amy also loves history, reading, and writing. She is currently working on a book of great stories from history for kids. She is hoping to start a writing career, so she can work part-time, while still being at home for your child. Amy has experience with teaching and tutoring, and she will help your child do well with school work—not just to get good grades, but also to learn how to learn (and like learning).

Larry describes Amy: "I think Amy will be an excellent mom because she is a caring person who strives to master everything she does. I appreciate that she tries to make our home and church better places. I've enjoyed seeing her persistence tutoring our friend's son. She is a very affectionate wife, and will also be a loving mom to your child."


adoptive family photo - Larry Larry is an electrical engineer. He works for a company that makes large equipment. His job has flexible hours, so he’ll be able to come to your child’s ball games or dance recitals. He will help make sure your child learns about computers and technology.

But Larry enjoys older machines too! He grew up working with his grandparents' tractors. Your child will learn mechanical skills and have first driving lessons on our 1959 Farmall Cub. And Larry also helps out twice a year with a heritage group that demonstrates vintage grain threshing with steam engines.

Amy describes Larry: "He's a hard worker, not just at his job but also at maintenance projects around our home and church. At the same time, though, he's playful and warm. I really enjoy seeing him spend time with the kids when we visit with family. One of our nieces, when she was little, loved to ride on his shoulders and to have him make a chair with his arms for her to sit on. Larry was so patient with her that we joked he was a human jungle gym. As a dad, he is going to be on top of the responsible stuff, while still making plenty of time for fun. And I know how much he will love your child!"

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Amy & Larry

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Amy & Larry