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We met through an online dating site. Denise had just moved to Houston from California and didn't know anyone. Craig had just moved to Houston from the Dallas area and he didn't know anyone. For our first date, we met at Outback Steakhouse and really hit it off. Two months later we cancelled our dating contract. Within a year of meeting we were engaged and married in October 2018. We live in a custom built home in Dickinson, TX in an older, formerly rural neighborhood. There's a lot of nature and the feel of privacy while being very close to shopping and all the amenities of living close to a big city. Craig is happiest when he's problem solving. He loves practicing law. A couple of years ago he opened his own law office. Denise helps out occasionally but she's most often a stay at home mom. One the side she's a Ragdoll Cat Breeder. Their adopted son, Sebastien, keeps her plenty business and they can hardly believe what their lives would be like without him. Family and animals make us happy. As a child, Denise wasn't able to have typical companion animals like a dog or a cat. She promised herself when she grew up she'd have as many animals as she wanted. And she does! Besides the Ragdoll cats and a goofy cocker spaniel, they also keep chickens that supply their family with fresh eggs. Sebastien loves feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is lovingly thought out. We took a floor plan our builder had and made it our own. We have tile, travertine or painted concrete floors throughout with colorful floor rugs. We like a lot of sunshine so there's large windows throughout the home. It has four bedroom so your baby would have his/her own room. We live on a 1/2 acre parcel in Dickinson. We have the greatest neighbors and everyone keeps an eye out for everyone else. The neighborhood was hit pretty badly during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 but since our house was brand new (i.e. built higher than the flood waters) we didn't sustain any flooding. We were able to help out our neighbors who'd been flooded. That's made us very close to each other. We have a housekeeper who comes to clean our house once a week.


adoptive family photo - Craig I grew up in a military family so we moved across the country every three to four years. Because of this, family is very important to me because wherever my family was, that was home. I have one younger brother. He lives with his wife and kids in Kansas. We're not able to get together very often, but when we do it's like we've never been apart. My folks live in the greater Dallas area and we get together with them several times a year. They love being grandparents to my brother's kids and my son. I think I'm a great husband because I do my best to put my wife first. I try to consider how my decisions will affect her and my son. They are the greatest people in my life and I love them with all my heart. I love being a lawyer, but I couldn't be as effective as I am if I didn't have them to come home to. Being a father is one of the best things that every happened to me. The first best thing was meeting Denise. She was unlike anyone I'd ever met before and I was entranced. We're wonderful together -- like two halves come together. Sebastien is the icing. He's the best kid.


adoptive family photo - Denise I was born in Southern California to a low income family where we loved and respected each other very much. I have two younger brothers. They and my parents still live in California. I decided to move to Texas with my cats after I divorced my first husband in 2006. I literally piled everything in my car and drove to Houston. I didn't know anyone and I didn't have a place to stay. I pretty much moved from hotel to hotel the first three months I was in Texas. I was waiting on a divorce settlement so I could buy a house in North Houston. During that time I met Craig. By nature I'm a risk taker and this fascinates my mom because she can't understand how no matter what happens, I always land on my feet. I tell her it's because while it looks like I'm just floating about finding my way in life, I actually always have a plan. I'm a great wife and mother. Mostly because I've been watching other people all my life. I've always been attracted to role models and have made a point of improving myself as I went about my life. I'm kind, compassionate, spontaneous, adventuresome and surprisingly well-grounded. I love our son very much. When I was young everyone always told me what a great mom I'd be. They were right! Having Sebastien in our home has been the most amazing thing ever. It's literally turned our life upside down, but in the best possible sense. We're so excited to bring home a new baby. Please God, let it be soon. I want so much to complete our family.

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