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Our child we receive will go to a Christian school only!

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I'd like to start with we cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH or give you enough gratitude for visiting our page! Thank you thank you thank you!!! You'll see what you don't want to miss, like some of the places we'll visit or spend time doing as we have all this FUN!!! We've prayed for this moment!!! (Parenthood!) FOREVER (it seems) We will be such safe, smart, active, happy, loving parents, we know this because we're already the very best Aunt and Uncle to our sister's kids,! And we're not just saying that! Ask them yourselves... We're waiting to open our home and hearts. With eyes and arms wide opened to the child or children (sibling group perhaps?!?) that'd become our everything! To adore them and make them our whole world, would mean everything to us and Duke, and all we want! (Duke's our toy miniature pincher) We can't wait, to hold and look into the eyes of this precious child God has meant for us! We'll graciously give them every opportunity we've ever been given or can give.. And finally... our house/lives will be considered a home/family with pleasant sounds of a child's laughter! Please know we only keep updating our profile, to keep it fresh on the page!! Let's make a successful match.. You will not regret your decision!.

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