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HI, we're celebrating our birthdays here with the cake, at my aunts in Delray, Fl (family is everything to us!) 2022. We started this incredible life's journey as a blind date between mutual friends; many moons ago...
We lost touch, but still had that attraction years later after finding him on Facebook! We dated for a while, then decided to finalize it, by tying the knot, (knowing in our hearts, we'd have to adopt to expand our family!) we had a beautiful barn-style wedding. Having no children after years of trying. Is the only thing we miss of making our family grow and making our lives whole, filled with even more love and joy we already share. We are so humbled and excited to be welcoming home this precious child. Me being the middle sibling, and he the youngest; both our sisters have families with multiple children and dogs. (My grandma had twins and my oldest sister has triplets! His sister and my younger sister have two children. Both of our families live locally (for the most part!) immediate family that is!
We are hoping to bring home a child/children (sibling group!?! maybe ; add to our Family roots and share all of life's experiences with, that we had growing up. (Dirt-bikes, go-carts, horses, camping, fishing, boating, cheerleading, dance, baton or hunting to name a few...) (Reading & Resting are great also... Possibilities are endless..) And so are the experiences we'd love to share and teach them. Along with the responsibilities and respect that comes along side all of these. We are faithful believers. It will happen, all at the perfect time. We're waiting!
Remember, above all... The glass is HALF FULL!
Let's talk about this.. God bless you & yours! A decision you will not regret! I promise you that!
We support Ukraine!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is located in beautiful Central Florida. Short drive to ALL major highways. We're so thrilled to be bringing home our new child!! Both my parents and his parents are estatic to be grandparents again!! We live in a relatively new warm custom home. Close to all amenities, family and friends. (in our neighborhood) Our house has enough rooms/space to have their own privacy for play or living. In a well-established neighborhood, of a small tight knit community- newly renovated schools and a whole new recreation center! (fields & courts) Where High school football games are a MUST for everyone & their friends and grandparents love going & supporting them. (see you at DQ) after the game!


adoptive family photo - Dustin Dustin is a great provider. He is so fun/great with kids. His neice's adore him! He's got an awesome work ethic and loves his down time. (of relaxing his brain.) usually fishing at a lake side or the beach..
Quit looking for better and message us, we're who you're looking for & will be everything our child could imagine!


adoptive family photo - Christy Duke and I can't wait for the arrival of this precious child! He'd be a big brother and I finally a mommy, A title I've always wanted! I am extremely attentive & nurturing and when my minds set on something, I have a great deal of determination and do not quite, till the job's accomplished! & I want a child/family! I have those natural motherly instincts. I've always wanted and dreampt of becoming a mommy! I LOVE CHILDREN and ALWAYS HAVE!! (Needed to be married BEFORE children!) Raised with morals and a strong Christian faith! I was a Daisy Girl Scout troop leader and a catechism teacher in my teenage years! BOY...Where has the time gone!
- I Love doing DIY projects, playing cards and cooking.
I enjoy working with my hands on projects from DIY projects, cooking & gardening to yard maintenance.
I'm the perfect little housewife, (I like to think so or try to be) Keeping the house neat and tidy and always on a schedule. (I'm so looking forward to lots of time spent with this precious child & definitely a sisterly/friend relationship with the Birth mom/parents but their choice completely... I've got the flexibility to whatever needs to be done!!!

Meanwhile I'll keep enjoying gardening, cleaning, swimming and volunteering my extra time in the city with my mom & Rotary I would love to pass that down, doing good for the community we live in.)
Our families date back many generations in time. So, what better of a way to extend our traditions then with an expansion of our own family with a child or children.
Help us keep that dream ALIVE & expand our family by adopting your child! Oh, the love we would give them! All the chances they would have and get! I promise you this, they will have a life, FULL of life, love, laughter & fun. Time passed us by, DON'T let that happen to them..
We both have family ties in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georga, California; Central & southern! I see u looking, let's make a connection? match !!

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