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Thanksgiving 2022

Chris and I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving a little differently this year. We spent that time in Niagara Falls, Canada! We had a fantastic time! Be on the lookout for pictures and videos! Read more »

We love the Parker Family

We love the Parker Family! We have shared so many great memories with them since they’ve been here in Virginia. We will miss them but look forward to their possible return in the future! ❤❤❤❤ Read more »

Natural History Museum

Breanna and Percy really enjoy reading and watching content about nature and science, so they were thrilled we were able to visit the Natural History Museum! Read more »

Brunch Cruise

Sightseeing continued! Decided to take a brunch cruise while our relatives were here. Had a great time! Read more »

Time with relatives during July 4th holiday

We really enjoyed our time at the African American Museum! While Chris’ relatives from Michigan visited us for the July 4th holiday weekend, we took advantage of some sightseeing opportunities.  Love our time together! Read more »

Our Friend’s Promotion

Our dear friend, Dolores, was recently promoted to an Army Lieutenant Colonel! We’re so proud of her and are happy we could attend her promotion ceremony! Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Mom,  thanks for unconditional love and being a woman of strength!  Thank you for also being an example of someone who never gives up on their dreams and goals! Love you! Read more »

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Babe, I am so grateful God gave me you. Thank you for continuing to make me laugh, learn and grow. I also greatly appreciate you making me feel special every single day. Happy 13th Babe! I love you! Read more »

My nephew

I just love this little guy! He’s growing up so nicely; it’s always a pleasure catching up with him. Read more »

Our Friends’ Wedding Day

We’re so happy about our friends’ recent nuptials! We had such an amazing time at their wedding!  Kevin and Wendy are such a sweet loving couple and we look forward to watching them live their lives together as husband and wife! Read more »

National Siblings Day

Happy Belated National Siblings Day! Jessica, I love you so much and am proud to call you my sister. Thank you for being supportive during our adoption process! We can’t wait to make you an Auntie! Read more »

Delicious Dinner

Chris prepared a delicious duck breast with quinoa for dinner the other night.  The duck breast was so flavorful without being greasy! Was so darn good! Read more »


We love a great rooftop experience, especially during a spring or summer evening. Read more »

Friend in Town - Half Marathon

Congrats to our friend, Eric, who completed the Rock n Roll half marathon in Washington DC on Sunday!  He ran it in 2:20! Nice job! Of course he had to get his protein on after the race, so he and Chris grabbed some burgers together. Read more »

Happy Firday

Happy Friday!  I hope you’re able to take some time this weekend to refuel your body and soul.  It’s been a very hectic week for us, so we’re looking forward to some relaxation. Read more »

It’s like that sometimes

Don’t Judge Me, LOL! As I was about to fold a load of laundry and I didn’t want to do it….so I didn’t.  I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t like to fold laundry. LOL! Read more »

Birthday Celebration Continued!

Birthday celebration continued! Great conversation with my wonderful friends over delicious brunch (yes, I love brunch)! Suc a group of positive and caring ladies!  Pictures have been added to my album. Read more »

Trip to California

We just returned from visiting a couple of cities in California, including gorgeous Dana Point.  This scenery is breathtakingly beautiful!  We’ve posted photos in our album. Read more »

It’s the Simple Things

We had a delicious brunch (I love brunch!), followed by a walk in the park.  It’s a blessing we always enjoy each other’s company no matter what we’re doing. Read more »

My wonderful nephew

To my wonderful nephew/Godson, thank you for your kind words in your video. I love you so much and can’t wait until our next visit!  (Link is posted to the video section) Read more »

Hanging out with the Williams Family!

It was so great to catch up with the Williams Family! We’ve known each other for so many years! When we found out their daughters were selling Girl Scout cookies in our neighborhood, we knew we had to come by to support! It was so much fun interacting with them and their girls!  We’ll add more pictures to our Read more »

Laughs on Valentine’s Day!

Just wanted to share some humor on this Valentine’s Day that took place during a quick conversation between the both of us!  We love having our daily laughs!! Read more »

Proud of you

I’m proud of my husband for staying focused and disciplined on maintaining his weekly physical activity goals. Read more »

Adding a little color

It’s always nice to add a little color to your wardrobe or life… especially during the winter!  I love wearing colored glasses! Read more »

Grateful and Blessed

Looking forward to introducing our future child to our supportive family and friends.  We’re so grateful and blessed for their support! Read more »


I saw this quote today and it reminded me that we need to have patience. This doesn’t pertain to just growing our family but also in every area of our life where we want something to happen quickly.  Things may not come to fruition in your preferred timeframe;however, everything will workout according to Read more »

A New Year

This is another favorite picture of ours. We’re looking forward to what 2022 has in store for us. Read more »


Ugh…it’s time to do laundry! Not my favorite thing to do but it has to be done! Lol! Read more »

Dinner with Friends

We had a great time with the McGee’s, including their precious son Aiden!  Chris prepared a delicious chicken marsala dish! Read more »


At the turn of the new year, people typically review the past year to account for what goals they achieved and what new goals they have for the year ahead.  While blessing our future child with a wonderful life is obviously one of our goals for 2022, we also are so grateful for the many things we have in our life.  Read more »

Celebrating a friend’s birthday

It was wonderful to celebrate the birthday of my dear friend, Dolores, over a delicious brunch.  She is one of the most thoughtful people I know and a great example of a true friend.  We’re very blessed to have supportive family and friends in our life ❤️. Read more »

We love you Maverick

We recently had to put down Maverick, our dog we got for our nieces. He was such a beautiful and sweet Boxer/Lab.  We are heartbroken but relieved he is no longer suffering. We love you Maverick. Thanks for always being a great example of loyalty and positivity. Read more »

Supportive Family and Friends - What They Say about Us

We have been very blessed to have wonderful family and friends in our life!  Here are some of the things they say about us: - The love they have for each other is obvious, steadfast and true - The love they have for God is obvious - The love they have for family is obvious - The love they have for community and their Read more »

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