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You’re strong, You’re brave, You’re loved!

Although placing your child is your decision, its still not an easy decision to make. I wanted to ensure the expectant mother that places their child with me is cared for throughout the adoption process and after.

When looking for an adoption agency I looked for 3 things

1. Non-profit - I don’t feel comfortable with anyone or an organization profiting off of my yearn for a child or an expectant mothers struggle.

2. Support and genuine guidance for the expectant mother.

3. Personal references regarding the adoption process and the adoption team!

In my search I found Caring for Kids. They are a non-profit with glowing reviews from birth mom’s as well as adoptive mom’s. CFK also provides life-long support for birth mom’s. CFK has retreats, meet-ups, and a fb support page.

I am happy to say my homestudy is through CFK! Once I match myself CFK will be there to finalize the adoption and take good care of the expectant mom.

They say it take a village to raise a kid and its okay to admit you as a birth mama need your own village of support!

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