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Easter Bunny

I took Reval to see the Easter Bunny. I wasn’t sure how she would react to a talking “stuffed animal” but I thought I would attempt a photo. He was the sweetest bunny and he took off the head portion of costume so he could meet her prior to photo. She absolutely loved him and sat on his lap for the cutest photo. One day we will have a baby join us for an Easter Bunny photo. Read more »

I’m Ready

“Ready set lets roll, Ready set lets ride.” Chase Rice “Whoa, get ready, bam-ba-lam Get ready to ride.” Pitbull “Look out baby, ‘cause here I come And I’m bringing you a love that’s true So get ready, so get ready.” The Temptations Due to being a pediatric nurse in my eyes a car seat means Read more »

Meet your sissie, Reval

Meet Reval (too cool for 2 e’s) Adopted 3/15/22. Revel -(verb) To take great pleasure or delight, rejoice, indulge, celebrate. She is the happiness girl and indulges in every part of life. She has brought me so much happiness that I thought was not possible after the loss of Mckayla. Reval was someones money Read more »

Baby Clothes Are My Favorite

Just a glimpse of your wardrobe, loveys, and new crib sheet. Sometimes Mama takes out your clothes just to admire them. I went to return a few items at Carters and ended up buying the hippo outfit. I loved the ash colored zip up with the different colors all over. Oddly enough a few weeks later I adopted your sister that Read more »

Positive Vibes

Its easy to fall into negativity after a failed match. I allowed myself to be sad but now I need to market myself and find my soul-mama and heart born baby. Being negative about something I am so passionate about really wears me down. When negative emotions come up regarding adoption it really kills my soul. Adoption is my Read more »

Baby G

We all know the saying, “Don’t put your eggs in one basket.” But is it the same with adoption? Can you really put your heart in several “baskets.” I know I can’t. Not only can my stomach not handle the roller coaster ride of any more emotions but my heart cant handle the abundance of emotions either. I would Read more »


Self-matching is rough! It is time-consuming, overwhelming, but above all its emotional. I often think what would it be like if I paid an agency to complete the matching portion. I then would only hear about possible interest if its was a match. Although, I believe this would be less emotional I also would be a bit in the Read more »

You’re strong, You’re brave, You’re loved!

Although placing your child is your decision, its still not an easy decision to make. I wanted to ensure the expectant mother that places their child with me is cared for throughout the adoption process and after. When looking for an adoption agency I looked for 3 things 1. Non-profit - I don’t feel comfortable with Read more »

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