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We love being Aunt Christine and Uncle Joe!

Being a part of our nephews’ lives is one of our greatest joys! We always look forward to the time we spend with Luke and Garrett, whether playing HORSE in the driveway, movie and ice cream nights, or getting messy together carving pumpkins. Joe loves being the one they ask to play catch with in the yard and I love being the go-to Lego helper. The little league games alone have brought us so many laughs and smiles. We feel lucky to have a front row seat as they grown up! Read more »

Joe’s Family

I have a close relationship with my parents and my younger brother. Growing up it never quite occurred to me just how lucky my brother and I were to have a Dad that coached all of our sports teams and a Mom that was our biggest supporter through every win and loss. They were both always present and as an adult I appreciate Read more »

Christine’s Family

As the only child in my family, I have a close relationship with my Mom and Dad. I’m so thankful that they have always shown unconditional love and support. Growing up I quickly learned that for my parents, their careers revolved around helping others. This influence is what led me to seek out a career where I felt like Read more »

Meet Sullivan.

Sully is his nickname and he joined our family in February. He is so sweet and adores everyone he meets, especially kids and other dogs. He is gentle and loving and his favorite things to do are to play fetch and cuddle up on your feet. We can’t wait to see him with a little human to watch over, play with, and love Read more »

What I love about Christine.

I knew almost immediately that Christine was my person. She is incredibly kind, intelligent, and I love her silly sense of humor. She is as genuine of a person as you could ever hope to meet and is always there for anyone that needs her. Whether she is playing with our nephews or working with her students at school, she has Read more »

What I love most about Joe.

Whether celebrating life’s successes or navigating the tough times, Joe is incredibly loving and supportive. He is my biggest cheerleader and has a knack for making me laugh until I cry. Joe brings fun into even the simplest things in our life. Things like a slow Saturday morning with coffee, tackling our house project Read more »

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Christine & Joe

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Christine & Joe