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Our Story

We met online from a dating site and have been together for what seems like forever (we mean that in a great way). We have a strong loving connection to each other and bond over being animal lovers as well as our active outdoorsy lifestyle. It is important to us that we have common interests, but fully support each other in other ventures that we wish to pursue independently. Home is our happy place, we have one family rule: We always sit down and eat dinner together at the kitchen table. This allows us to connect each day, share laughs, and lean on each other when we have the need.

Keith is a gate technician who works on installing and maintaining automated gate for companies, communities and private homes. Keith gets to travel to many locations in the tri-state (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) but is always home for dinner.

Jessie works for a large financial institution in the risk department. Jessie works with many regulators around the world and makes sure that the company meets the rules and laws. Jessie works from home with occasional travel to New York City which allows her to have dinner ready for when Keith gets home.

Together we like to be outside working in our gardens, fishing, or taking a walk to do some bird watching. We are also on the same billards team and play pool competitively two nights a week.

Family is very important to us. We maintain a close relationship with our parents and brothers. We celebrate the major holidays and birthdays together.

Keith’s parents and older brother live 20 minutes from us. Keith’s mom is a nurse, his dad is a master carpenter at a private college, and his brother is a handyman. Two times a month we go over to have a big family meal together and let our dogs play together.

Jessie’s parents are retired food scientist that live in Vermont about 3 hours away and her younger brother and his wife live in Queens, New York about seventy minutes south. We visit with Jessie’s parents about every six weeks for long weekends in Vermont where we go hiking, fishing, and pick fresh fruits and vegetables from her parent’s numerous gardens and apple orchards. Jessie’s brother and wife come up occasionally to stay with us to get a break from the city. Each visit it filled with lots of catching up, laughing and lots of food.

Every year, Jessie’s extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins have a family reunion, usually in Vermont at Jessie’s parent’s house. The reunion lasts for several days with lots of BBQ, a smore marshmallow roasting contest, fireworks, star gazing, and ends with an epic wiffle ball game (we still don’t know what team has won)

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a suburb 60 minutes north of New York City in upstate New York. Our small town has great schools with small class sizes and technology. There are also a lot of local parks and an entrance to the Appalachian Trail 5 minutes away to hike, fish and play as well as a ski slope just 10 minutes down the road.

We live in a small community with a lot of small children around. The streets are quite and safe for bike riding and walking. In addition there is a community pool for swimming in the summer just for residents, a pond where we fish and take out our row boat, and tennis courts.

We live in a 4 bedroom colonial style home with lots of property. We can’t wait for the day for when a sandbox and giant swing set will be delivered. We have several gardens that grow both flowers and vegetables. One garden even has a fairy wishing well. There is also woods behind our home which will allow for ample exploring for frogs, toads and salamanders and just getting dirty.

Our home is filled with many pets. We have two dogs, an African Grey Parrot, a small flock of exotic finches, and many different types of fish. Each day all the animals are spoiled with lots of toys, treats and play time. Our dogs like to play with the many other dogs and children in the neighborhood and are looking forward to welcoming a baby into their hearts.

What Keith Loves about Jessie

adoptive family photo - What Keith Loves about Jessie Jessie does all the little things and is completely selfless. She is the type of person that makes sure she has the type of soda you like and will bake your favorite treat for when you come over and visit. She spoils everyone and every animal that comes into our home. She gets up early just to make my lunch before I head to work and has dinner ready for when I get home.

She similarly loves to be outdoors and fishing. We bond a lot just being in nature out at the lake or stream. She also gardens a lot and gets excited when wild birds and butterflies visit our home. She also loves sports especially college football, football and baseball. We go to a Yankee game at least once a year.

But what I love most of all is that Jessie is her encouragement. She is a very confident woman and throws all her support behind the people she loves. She lets people make their own decisions, but when things don’t turn out, Jessie is the first person there to console, listen, say something silly to make you laugh and smile and provide suggestions on how to move forward.
I love watching her with the neighborhood children.

They can’t wait for Jessie to come out and tell her about their day at school, or what kind of new gift they got, or something new and interesting that happened. She stops what she is doing to listen to them, ask questions and plays pretend. But most of all she takes the time to help each little girl in the neighborhood choose a flower Jessie grows from the garden to cut and take home.

Keith Keeps Amazing Jessie

adoptive family photo - Keith Keeps Amazing Jessie What amazes me the most about Keith is his knowledge on his many hobbies and his kind gentle soul. I know he will make a wonderful father because Keith has boundless energy, is kind, loving and patient. Keith puts all his energy into the things he loves; me, our dogs, our birds, our fish (as pets), koi fish (that he sells), fishing and hunting. Keith loves to be out on the water fishing all year. We routinely invite friends over to fish in our pond with their children and Keith shows them the “magic” spot and if he happens to hook a fish first, he them reel it in, because a child’s excitement and smile catching a fish can’t be beat!

Keith is sweet and generous. He comes home with fresh cut wild flowers for me in the spring and summer and when he is out shopping thinks about things that the neighborhood children may like. He routinely comes home with an armful of dog toys, one for each of our dogs and one for the four other new puppies in the neighborhood.

Keith loves to laugh and have fun. He will stick his tongue out at me and make funny faces when he knows I need a little smile and laugh. He lets small children tug on his beard and makes all sorts of silly noises to make them laugh. One day, I know he can’t wait to play Santa for Christmas.

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