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Whatcha reading?

Today, Az was reading some comics after work (any Batman fans out there?) and Porsche hopped up on the couch to see what was happening. Porsche had a leg injury when she joined our family so she wasn’t able to hop or jump much at first. It’s fun to see how much she’s improved — and how interested she is in Az’s reading material! (She approves but is personally a Tintin fan — Snowy is clearly the hero we all need) Read more »

Family fun time

We love having our niece and nephew come for extended visits. When they’re not here, we stay in close contact by phone, video calls, and letters. And check out this coffee mug our nephew made us ! Everything just tastes better in it. We’re looking forward to having a child join in the family fun time with our niece and Read more »

Getting ready

In order to become the best (adoptive) parents we can be to any child who may join our family in the future, we’ve been taking a trauma-informed parenting class together every weekend. We’re grateful to the professionals who have been sharing their expertise and the parents in the group for sharing their experiences. We Read more »

Friday Night

Last night, we found a private club where we could play pool for a few hours! Turns out, Az is really good at pool ! Steph isn’t bad either though. It was a fun time and we appreciated having the space to ourselves as COVID rates remain high in the city (and temperatures remain low!). Read more »

Porsche & Llama

We caught Porsche snuggling with her you llama last night - isn’t she sweet? We mistake the llama for her at least once a week, like a trick she plays on us where we think Porsche is one place but she’s another. We can’t wait until a child shares in Porsche’s love and sweetness too! She’s a little snuggle Read more »


We’ve had some cold and windy nights, so we’ve been working on some puzzles! What do you think? We still have a ways to go …. Read more »

Time for arts and crafts!

We had an arts and crafts night yesterday! After our work days, we got to the real work of decorating ceramic unicorns. Here is Az’s master piece in progress - what do you think? Read more »

Zoo camps!

Every summer, our niece and nephew (ages 9 and 7), come to visit us in New York City for an extended vacation. We always have so much fun with them! One of our summer traditions is that our niece and nephew go to zoo camps, where they learn all about the animals and get to be up close and personal with them. It’s the best Read more »


One of the fun places we stumbled on this weekend was a restaurant called Bumble Brew. It’s associated with the dating app Bumble and has great coffee! We met on Bumble in 2016 (our six year anniversary is next month!) so we loved visiting and trying their coffee. Read more »

A bookstore for mysteries

We visited a mysterious bookstore! Az chose a true crime novel by a journalist and Steph found a few books with a strong female lead. Now we can’t wait to get home, settle in front of the fire, and start a new book! Read more »

Tourists at home

Today we had such a fun day, being tourists in NYC. There’s always so much to see and we love discovering new bookstores, new candy shops, and new cafes. Porsche tagged along for all the fun. Read more »

It’s snowing!

So, we packed some hot cocoa and now we’re out snowshoeing in the park. We love playing in the snow and watching the neighbor kids sled down the many hills. What a fun snow day! Read more »

New shoes

Steph won a citywide medical research competition, so Az celebrated by getting her custom made sneakers. She loves converses and is looking forward to more good news in 2022! Read more »

We’re into puzzles

It’s another cold winter night in New York, so we’re sitting by the fire, having a cup of hot tea, and making some puzzles. Read more »

Coffee time

We usually start each day with a cup of coffee! We love trying new flavors! Today, we’re trying a Vanilla Hazelnut blend. Yum! We’ll let you know how it is. Read more »


It’s chilly this morning! We’re warming ourselves up by doing a cardio boot camp class this morning. Next up: more coffee! Read more »

Back from the vet

We took our dog Porsche to the vet today. We’re happy to share she’s in great health! It’s nice to start the New Year with a check up. She really likes the carrier bag — some things never change. Looking forward to keeping everyone in our home and community healthy and happy. Read more »

Welcome 2022

With the pandemic hitting NYC right now, we opted for a night in. But that didn’t keep us from having a great evening! We set up our projector, took out our disco balls, and had a ton of fun singing along to our favorite tunes. Happy 2022 to you all! Read more »

NYE, here we come

We’re getting ready for NYE by making a pivotal stop at our local bakery. We need some eclairs to ring in this new year! How do you plan to celebrate? Wishing everyone the best. Read more »

The water

We live along the water. Some nights, we go out by the water and talk about our hopes and our fears. It’s a beautiful spot where you can hear the waves and not much else - a perfect place for dreaming. Read more »

Dinner time

We made tajine for dinner last night. We love cooking together and enjoy trying new recipes. It was delicious ! Read more »


We’re both working remotely again with the latest development in the pandemic - the bright side of this is working from home with this little monkey! Our dog Porsche seems to enjoy (or at least tolerate) our company too. Read more »

Team Build or Team Eat?

We have a debate in our household each year: do you build a gingerbread house or do you eat it? Usually we end up doing both! Here’s our latest masterpiece ! Read more »

Working in the emergency department

Steph works in an emergency department. It isn’t always easy, especially these days! Steph wears scrubs but gets to choose her scrub cap / converse sneakers combination as her personal touch. She loves bringing some of her personal style with her to work every day. Her favorite color is glitter - can you tell? Read more »

Christmas traditions

We continued with our tradition of volunteering on the holidays this year, returning to work with one of our favorite organizations just north in the city. Watch Az’s video on TikTok, when he explains why this tradition is important to our family—> Read more »

Christmas Eve Dinner

We shared a lovely meal last night of Syrian food. It shared many flavors with the Iranian food Az ate growing up. We sat in front of the fireplace, ate, laughed and shared stories. It felt so refreshing after the challenging year ! Visit our instagram to see photos of our delicious dinner: Read more »

Special delivery !

Omnicron might be throwing a wrench into plans, but neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep us from spreading holiday cheer. We’re off to the post office to mail holiday packages to our friends and family. We’re sending a big thank you to postal workers and everyone else keeping us safe this holiday Read more »

All smiles

We start each day with a walk in our local park! We love seeing all the trees, birds and art. We’re all smiles this morning as we caught glimpse of some snow! Will it be a white Christmas?? Read more »

More sunlight

Now that the winter solstice has passed, the days are getting longer. When we heard there were two extra minutes of sunlight today, we had to get out and enjoy it! Read more »

Happy Yalda

Yesterday was the winter solstice, a holiday known as Shab-e Yalda to Persians. We celebrated by staying up late, eating red things and reading poetry. Yum, yum ! Read more »

Last race of 2021

This weekend, we ran a 10k! We love running and training together, particularly in the hilly park across the street from our home. It was cold and wet on race day, but we got it done together! Here’s Az right as he crosses the finish line Read more »

Showing appreciation

When Steph - or Dr. R. as she is known - works overnight shifts, she oversees a section of the emergency dept, supervising resident physicians and working alongside nurses and security officers. When time allows, she always tries to get her team 2 a.m. coffees to show her appreciation for their hard work. That’s been more Read more »

Making ornaments

We’re making some new ornaments to decorate our tree! While listening to Christmas music of course … and eating chocolate ice cream. We’re just two big kids Read more »

Holiday traditions

It’s so close to Christmas! We love our holiday traditions and look forward to adding some new ones as we grow our family through adoption. Come learn about our family traditions on our Instagram —> Read more »

Back home, take 2

Steph is on her way home again, after a super quick trip to celebrate with her sister in Michigan. While short, it’s how Steph celebrates the people she loves! Now she’s getting ready for the holidays in NYC. She and Az are thinking it might be time to get their tree …. Read more »

Steph’s sister is moving East!

Steph’s sister is a pediatrician and matched to fellowship today - she found out what hospital she’ll be doing the next stage of her training at. She and Steph are very close, so we’re all happy that she’ll be moving closer to home ! Read more »

Back home in the city

We’re back home, in the city we love. There’s nothing quite like picking up coffee from our favorite deli and going for a walk in our neighborhood. It’s good to be home ! Read more »

Heading home!

After a great week in Montana, we’re excited to be heading back home to NYC. Az’s first order of business when we land: pizza ! Read more »

Books, books and more books

We love reading. So it’s not surprising that on our vacation, we’ve picked up some books to add to our library. Can’t wait to read these with a child ! Read more »

Time to unwind

Some days are for running and hiking …. Other days are for relaxing in front of the fire, while catching up on the latest episodes of our favorite shows. Read more »

Out for a hike

We went for a hike in Yellowstone National Park today! And we didn’t even get lost, thanks to some directional signs and wonderful guides. Read more »

Food and fun

Vacation is all about time together. Last night, we shared a pizza and played a game - all while enjoying a beautiful view of the mountains. Can’t wait to do it again today. Read more »

Next stop: Sledding!

We woke up to a winter wonderland. We couldn’t wait to go out for a run in the woods. Next stop: sledding! Right after we warm up by the fire with some hot cocoa. Read more »

Vacation time

We’re both on vacation this week! We decided to travel to Bozeman, Montana - land of great coffee, snowshoeing, and hot springs. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us ! Read more »

The holiday season

December is one of our favorites months. The snow, making cookies, cocoa in front of the fireplace. What’s not to love ! Read more »

Back at the office

I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home, or the road, during the pandemic. This week, I visited the office. It was great seeing colleagues without needing to open Zoom or Google Hangouts. It felt great. The coffee at the office was a whole different story. But being able to work from home and spend time with Steph is Read more »

The gnomes have disappeared !

As an update to our post from a few weeks ago, the gnomes in our park have disappeared! We were walking outside in the park today and they were….just gone! Don’t worry though, Detective Porsche is on the case - she’s searching the park to see if she’ll be able to find them. *cue pink panther music* Read more »

First snow!

It’s the first snow of the year. Not enough to snowshoe (yet!) but it’s cold enough that our dog Porsche is snuggling in front of the fireplace. We think she may have a point. Read more »

It’s showtime !

We love seeing shows and were happy to see our first in-person off Broadway show since the pandemic! We saw an immersive show set in NYC 1929 with Steph’s sister, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to dress up. Check out our Instagram for videos of us dancing - Az has got some moves! Read more »

Pixar meets mini golf

We love mini golf! When we heard there was a Pixar themed mini golf course, we couldn’t wait to check it out with our families. While score keeping got …. creative at times, we were all winners in the end ! Read more »

It’s Thanksgiving!

Since Steph’s family immigrated to US, they didn’t have family to celebrate Thanksgiving with. Instead, her family would often volunteer on Thanksgiving instead. This has become a family tradition and influenced Steph in her decision to be a physician to the underserved. This year, Az and Steph felt lucky to partner Read more »

Protected !

We’re all smiles because we were able to get our COVID boosters and flu shots this weekend.  It’s how we’re protecting our loved ones, big and small. Read more »

We run this city!

We love running together and living uptown means that we enjoy the beautiful scenery of upper Manhattan on our training runs. And if we’re lucky, we find a race happening uptown so we get to enjoy the beauty on race days too. Read more »

Back home!

Az is home from a long work trip to Asia! He is back to making coffee and bringing it to Steph each morning. She’s happy to have him home - she means Az, not the coffee. Read more »

A walk in the park

We live across the street from a large waterfront park. Our their typical morning walk today, Steph and our dog Porsche stumbled upon something very atypical, tucked away amongst the pretty fall colors. It’s this magic that’s hidden in everyday life that we look forward to sharing as our family grows through Read more »

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